Tulip Run during virtual ASHI 2020

In a few weeks, the ASHI annual meeting will be held virtually. Even though we will not meet each other in person this year, we are happy the ASHI committee decided on a virtual edition so we all stay connected within the HLA field.

We also decided on organizing a Tulip Run which will be held during the ASHI meeting from Sunday, October 18 to Wednesday, October 21. You can do your 5k run (or walk) at a time and place convenient to you. Share your result with us and make a photo in your special edition Tulip Run t-shirt after your run is completed

Are you in? Register until October 5th! 
5 Steps to participate in the online Tulip Run

1) Register before October 5 via the regular ASHI registration form: https://2020.ashi-hla.org/virtual-registration and wait for your welcome package to arrive at your home or lab address.*
2) When you have received the package, use the textile marker to write down your city or country on the front of the T-shirt. A certificate is included to write down your Tulip Run result, name and location
3) Do your Tulip Run (or walk) at a time and place convenient to you.
4) Submit your time and upload your Tulip Run photo via: https://form.jotform.com/202664398397066 . Feel free to additionally share your photo via your social media channel using #tuliprun2020.
5) For every registration, GenDx will donate an additional $25,- to the COVID-19 relief fund.

With this challenge we hope you will be encouraged to stay active and fit, be connected with the HLA family and united by the common goal: to enhance the outcome of transplantation.

Dutch Donor Recruitment Day

On Saturday September 19, it is World Marrow Donor Day. On this day all donors are thanked for their willingness to donate (blood) stem cells for patients in need of a transplant.

At GenDx we are closely involved by the need for more stem cell donors. We therefore have initiated the yearly Dutch Donor Recruitment Day since 2018, to give attention to stem cell donation and actively recruit stem cell donors. We organize this in close cooperation with Matchis, the Dutch foundation that enables patients with leukaemia and other severe blood disorders to receive stem cell transplantation. On this day, both GenDx employees and members of Utrecht student sport associations SPIN, Histos, Orca and Triton are committed to inform and recruit new donors.

This year we will not physically be present on the Utrecht Science Park, but inform and motivate potential stem cell donors via our online channels instead.

Are you between 18-35 years old, healthy and motivated to potentially save lives? Visit www.matchis.nl for more information about stem cell donation, requirements, procedures and registration.

Share your health, become stem cell donor!

BLOG: NGSgo®-MX11-3: The multiplex you have been waiting for.

With the launch of our brand new multiplex HLA amplification product NGSgo-MX11-3, it is time to learn and discover more about this unique product! We have asked our Project Managers R&D Sake van Wageningen and Bram Luiken to highlight why MX11-3 is the product you have been waiting for…

Bram and Sake, you have been working on the development of the new Multiplex product of GenDx, called NGSgo®-MX11-3. At the moment, GenDx already has a multiplex in its portfolio, NGSgo®-MX6-1, why should we choose MX11-3?

MX11-3 is the latest addition to the GenDx HLA typing product line and is designed to be the new ‘flagship’ amplification product. The product incorporates a lot of frequently requested updates to our amplification products, greatly extending coverage, increased ease of use and high data quality.

Sounds like an excellent addition to the product line! If our customers order MX11-3, what will they find in the product kit?

The kit contains three highly optimized multiplex amplification primer-sets, each with their own reconstitution buffer for dissolving the primers the first time the kit goes into use. Primers and their corresponding buffer have the same cap colour for ease-of-use.

Additionally, you will find tubes of water and Longmix, the only reagent needed for amplification outside of the primers.

You are referring to three multiplex amplification primer-sets. You might be aware that other companies have all 11 loci in 1 tube. Why did GenDx choose to work with 11 loci in 3 tubes, what are the advantages?

The use of 3 tubes allows optimal data quality by separating amplicons and amplification primers that are most prone to generation of hybrid reads or pseudogene/dimer artefacts. This greatly reduces the noise levels in data analysis and allows high mappability compared to one tube approaches. The aim was to generate a simple protocol with the highest data quality so your patients end up with the best possible typing result.

You mentioned that the product is easy to use. Why?

NGSgo-MX11-3 amplification mixtures consist of only 3 components in easy to handle volumes, while all 11 genes are amplified using a single cycling program. Immediately after amplification, equal volumes of each mix are used for pooling (1:1:1) followed by a fixed volume input of 2µl into the NGSgo library preparation workflow. This means that you do not have to quantify your amplicons. The product is designed in conjunction with NGSgo library preparation and NGSengine® analysis has been optimized to analyse MX11-3 data.  

What about coverage? Is it correct that MX11-3 has whole-gene coverage?

The NGSgo-MX11-3 has an increased coverage as compared to the traditional amplification strategies. It combines optimized versions of previously available AmpX v2 whole gene amplifications for HLA class I, as well as DRB1, DRB3, DQB1, DQA1 and DPB1. New are whole gene amplifications for DRB5 and DPA1 and improved coverage of DRB4 exon2 and 3 in 1 amplicon.

Thank you very much for these interesting insights in the new products MX11-3. Last but not least we are very eager to know, when can we start using MX11-3?

NGSgo®-MX11-3 is expected to be ready for shipment early October, 2020 (RUO). You can already place your order, contact your local GenDx representative for more information.


Wietse Mulder PhD, CEO of GenDx, inaugurates new boat of student rowing club Orca

2020 is a milestone year for both GenDx and student rowing club Orca. While GenDx celebrates its 15th anniversary this year, Orca will reach its 50th anniversary in October, a huge accomplishment for both.

GenDx CEO Wietse Mulder has been a member of Orca from 1983 to 1996, participating in several rowing races with his Orca team ‘Dé clubacht’. Several other Orca teams were competing at the same time, and there was always some rivalry over which team would get to use the best 8+ boat. As Wietse and his team did not always win the boat struggle, they jokingly said that one day they would buy their own boat.

In the milestone year 2020, Wietse decided to buy the boat for Orca, and on Saturday, August 22, Wietse baptized the brand new 8+ Filippi boat in the presence of current Orca members, as well as his former team members. During the ceremony, Wietse elaborated on his reasoning to support the club and referred to two of his main entrepreneurial strategy principles: ‘Dare to share’ and ’Do not always expect a return of investment’.

After the ceremony, pictures were taken of the boat and the (former) Orca members, taking the COVID-19 restrictions into account. The pictures show the beautiful boat with special GenDx graphics, designed by Leon Hulst from WAT Ontwerpers.

GenDx proud sponsor of ASHI Virtual REW

ASHI Regional Education Workshop have gone virtual! As corporate sponsor, GenDx will give an Innovative Technology Talk on Friday August 28 from 3.30 pm – 3.45 pm, followed by a Q&A. Additionally, we will be happy to (virtually) meet you in the Virtual Exhibit Hall on Friday August 21.

Will we meet you there?

Please have a look at the ASHI regionals website for the full virtual program: http://www.ashiregionals.org/ 
You need to register in order to access the program.


Join our webinars in September!

The summer is in full swing! While some are enjoying a well-deserved summer break, others have already enjoyed their holiday and are now keeping the office running.
After a short break in July and August, we will start again with the webinars in September. On September 2 we will kick off with the webinar New features of NGSenginefollowed by the webinar Towards defining the immunogenicity of HLA eplets on September 16.

Attend the webinar and receive 0.15 continuing education credits (CECs).

Stay up-to-date on all our educational events by frequently checking our website: GenDx.com/education. If you have any questions, please contact us directly via education@gendx.com

GenDx and Stadsschouwburg strengthen cooperation

Last week, Wietse Mulder PhD (CEO, GenDx) and Joost Kook (Deputy Director, Stadsschouwburg Utrecht) have signed a new contract for three years to confirm mutual engagement and strengthen their cooperation. Three years ago, GenDx became partner of the Stadsschouwburg Foundation. In the new contract GenDx becomes a founder.

Please find the full press release in Dutch below:


GenDx en Stadsschouwburg verstevigen samenwerking

Afgelopen week ondertekenden Wietse Mulder (PhD, CEO van GenDx) en Joost Kok (adjunct-directeur Stadsschouwburg Utrecht) een nieuwe overeenkomst voor drie jaar om de wederzijdse betrokkenheid te bevestigen en de samenwerking te verstevigen. Drie jaar geleden trad GenDx toe als partner van de Stadsschouwburg Foundation. In het nieuwe contract wordt GenDx founder.
De Stadsschouwburg Foundation is een alliantie van Utrechtse organisaties en bedrijven die de schouwburg in staat stellen jaarlijks een aantal exclusieve (en kostbare) producties in het programma op te nemen. Als waardering voor hun steun biedt de schouwburg deelnemers aan de foundation bijzondere faciliteiten zoals ontvangsten van relaties, ontmoetingen tussen founders en diverse vormen van exposure. Andere Founders zijn Douwe Egberts, Rabobank Utrecht e.o. en de Provincie Utrecht.

Wietse Mulder (PhD, CEO van GenDx):
“Drie jaar geleden zijn we partner geworden van de Stadsschouwburg, met het volgende statement: ‘Wij weten wat het betekent om als donor het verschil te maken. Daarom is GenDx partner van Stadschouwburg Utrecht.’
GenDx is een Utrechtse Life Science onderneming en gevestigd op het Utrecht Science Park. In een tijd waarin nagenoeg geen voorstellingen kunnen worden gegeven bij de Stadsschouwburg, willen wij onze betrokkenheid versterken door founder te worden.
De relatie met de stadsschouwburg ligt ons na aan het hart en wordt door onze medewerkers zeer gewaardeerd. Zij kijken er naar uit om weer een voorstelling van eigen keuze bij te kunnen wonen. Daarnaast zijn we een tevreden bezoeker van restaurant Zindering, waar we regelmatig met onze gasten naar toe gaan.”

Joost Kok (adjunct-directeur Stadsschouwburg Utrecht):
“De Stadsschouwburg Foundation is een fijne plek waar veel Utrechtse bedrijven zich thuis voelen. De founders en partners steunen al jaren de activiteiten van Stadsschouwburg Utrecht. Zeker in deze tijd is deze steun hard nodig. We investeren veel in relatiebeheer waarbij het persoonlijke contact voorop staat. Dat dit werkt zien we aan een trouwe partner als GenDx, die nu besloten heeft om founder te worden. Het is hartverwarmend om te zien dat Gendx zoveel vertrouwen in ons uitspreekt, voor nu en in de toekomst.”

V.l.n.r.: Joost Kok (adjunct-directeur Stadsschouwburg Utrecht), Wietse Mulder (PhD, CEO GenDx) en Dennis Dercksen (manager sales & sponsoring Stadsschouwburg Utrecht)

Tulip Challenge aftermovie

The Tulip Challenge was initiated during the COVID lockdown period to encourage people to stay fit, be connected with the HLA family and united by the common goal: to enhance the outcome of transplantation.


Last May, 87 participants from 14 different countries have completed the Tulip Challenge. Thank you for sharing your photos and videos of unique, impressive and exhausting workouts, which will definitely inspire all of us for the future.

Together, we have raised €2175 which will be donated to the organizers of the 18th International HLA & Immunogenetics Workshop to support research on COVID-19. Next week, the cheque will be handed over to the chairmen Eric Spierings and Sebastiaan Heidt.

Tulip Challenge Dashboard – Week 4

We have come to the end of the Tulip Challenge in May 2020. Thank you all for joining and sharing your workout with us! We are glad that the Tulip Challenge kept us connected with the HLA family during these extraordinary times and that we are united by the common goal: to enhance the outcome of transplantation.

Thanks to 87 completed Tulip Challenge in 14 different countries, we will donate € 2175 to the organizers of the 18th International HLA & Immunogenetics Workshop to support research on COVID-19.
You can check our photo gallery to see all Tulip Challenge workouts that were done by you: gendx.com/2020/05/tulip-challenge-2020/ 

GenDx Distributor Awards 2020

We cooperate closely with our distributors, who also contribute to education and offer services to HLA labs in over 60 countries. During these challenging months, we use the webinar opportunities to keep contact, educate and discuss the ongoing support in the HLA field. Besides discussing our latest product updates, we finished this time with a small ceremony to award 3 distributors who have excelled in the last year in their respective markets, resp. Voden Medical from Italy, Jasika from Croatia and Pensabio from Brazil. Congratulations!

Continuation of our business related to the COVID-19 outbreak

Dear customers,

We follow the developing outbreak of COVID-19 closely by monitoring the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Dutch government including the health measures of National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) in the Netherlands. In general, we have defined and safeguarded our critical functions where possible and actively minimized physical contacts in our company, e.g. by increasing online cooperation and working in shifts.

The following is important for you to know:

  • Both our Dutch head office and US office are open as usual. You can contact us via our general email address and phone number(s): info@gendx.com and +31 (0)30 252 3799  or +1 (312) 815 5006
  • Our support team remains available for all your questions. Our intention is to answer your questions within 24 hours.
  • We have secured the safety and quality of our products by working in shifts to continue production and logistics.
  • Orders continue to be processed and shipped. Please place your order via order@gendx.com  or your local distributor.
  • All physical contact events in the upcoming month are canceled. We will organize some additional webinars instead, e.g. on April 8th the webinar  Multiplex amplification for fast and easy HLA typing is scheduled – click here for more information and registration

Even during this difficult time, we are happy to assist you and we hope that the potential damage for all our customers may be limited. Please take care of yourself and others, and stay healthy.

Kind regards,

The GenDx Team

May webinar series to commemorate our 15th anniversary

To commemorate our 15th anniversary, we are sharing a series of webinars this year! In the coming weeks we will offer multiple webinars, each taking approximately 30 minutes.

Register for one or multiple webinars via the link(s) below.

Webinar 1: Variability in HLA Expression: Impact on Histocompatibility Assay Interpretation and Immunologic Risk Assessment

May 7, 2020, 3:00 p.m. CEST (Amsterdam time) / noon CST (Chicago time)

We are pleased to welcome our guest speaker, Dr. Luis Hidalgo, to this webinar. Dr. Hidalgo is Associate Professor and Histocompatibility Lab Director at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health.

Register (CEST, Amsterdam)
Register (CST, Chicago)

Webinar 2: Daily practice in an HLA lab: dealing with HLA-DR, a complicated genetic region

May 20, 2020, 3:00 p.m. CEST (Amsterdam time) / noon CST (Chicago time)

We are pleased to welcome our guest speaker, Dr. Nicholas Brown, to our webinar. Dr. Brown is the associate director of the histocompatibility testing laboratory, and assistant professor of pathology and laboratory medicine, at the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Brown is interested in clinical assays for histocompatibility laboratories and has published reports on NGS typing assays, HLA antibody assays, and crossmatching. In this webinar, he will share his knowledge on the complicated HLA-DR immunogenetics.

Register (CEST, Amsterdam)
Register (CST, Chicago)

Webinar 3:  GenDx case studies *

May 27, 2020, noon CEST (Amsterdam time) / noon CST (Chicago time)

  • Live discussion of NGS data
  • Tips and tricks

Register (CEST, Amsterdam)
Register (CST, Chicago)

* You will receive data files in advance. We ask you to analyze the data and think about what you would report to the clinician. Before the webinar we would like to receive your answers and questions on education@gendx.com so we can address them in the live webinar. (software trial license available upon request)  We look forward to receiving your interpretation of the data!
For each webinar you attend, you will receive 0.15 continuing education credits (CECs).

We are looking forward to virtually meeting you during one or multiple webinars! If you have any questions, please contact us directly via education@gendx.com

Join us for the Tulip Challenge

Are you up for a workout challenge?

As an alternative to the well-known Tulip Run, the sports highlight of the EFI meetings, we invite you to join the Tulip Challenge in May 2020. This challenge can be completed from any city, country and continent in the world and goes beyond running since some preventive measures restrict people to go outside.

Share the workout that keeps you healthy and stay connected with the HLA field, as we used to do with the Tulip Run.

Are you in?

5 Steps to participate in the Tulip Challenge

  • Register before May 15 via: tulip-challenge-2020.eventbrite.co.uk and wait for your welcome package to arrive at your home.*
  • Use the textile marker to write down your city or country on the front of the T-shirt. We also include a card to write down your workout.
  • Run, walk, plank, squat or do another (indoor) workout in May, wearing your special edition Tulip Challenge T-shirt and make a photo or video.
  • Send the photo or video to marketing@gendx.com or share via your social media channel using #tulipchallenge2020. We will publish and/or share your workout on our social media channels to inspire others in the HLA field all around the world to do your workout as well.
  • For every submission, GenDx will donate €25,- to the organizers of the 18th International HLA & Immunogenetics Workshop to support research on COVID-19.

*We have a limited amount of Sports T-shirts available. Register soon to receive this special edition Tulip Challenge Sports T-shirt.

With this challenge we hope you will be encouraged to stay active and fit to overcome this exceptional period, be connected with the HLA family and united by the common goal: to enhance the outcome of transplantation.

Introducing the renewed Custom Lab Service

GenDx is proudly introducing the renewed Custom Lab Service. Empowered by our unsurpassed HLA expertise and advanced high-quality systems, we are fully committed to providing HLA typing services to facilitate HLA research.

Are you a CRO, CDMO, Pharma or a research organization and in need for support of your HLA typing project? You can just send us the DNA you would like to analyze and GenDx will report back the tissue typing results. Turnaround time and follow-up depends on the request.

For more information on our Custom Lab  Service, click here or contact us.


15 years GenDx: ‘Excellence in sharing’

A new decade has started. And, 2020 is a remarkable year as GenDx celebrates its 15th anniversary! ‘Excellence in sharing’ is our theme for 2020. One of the values of GenDx which will get a lot of attention by offering you interesting topics and in depth information related to the HLA field. Keep an eye on our event calendar for webinars and educational events. Visit us during the main congresses or just contact our team to learn more about our continuously expanding product portfolio. We are happy to share our successes with you!

NGSgo®-AmpX v2 and NGSgo®-MX6-1 now registered as CE-marked IVD

We are happy to announce that GenDx has registered NGSgo®-AmpX v2 and NGSgo®-MX6-1 as CE-marked IVD.

The NGSgo®-AmpX v2 and NGSgo®-MX6-1 primer kits are intended for the amplification of both HLA alleles present in a sample for downstream sequencing applications. They are intended for in vitro diagnostic use by professional users in diagnostic laboratories, such as laboratory technicians and physicians, trained in HLA-typing and DNA sequencing.

Customers that are interested in implementing these products to their workflow and wonder whether they could benefit from this registration, can receive more information by contacting their local GenDx distributor or by contacting GenDx directly.

GenDx partners with PIRCHE

Genome Diagnostics B.V. (“GenDx”) announced today that they have entered a collaboration with the Berlin-based company PIRCHE AG and have released a new version of their software NGSengine®. NGSengine, globally considered to be the ultimate Human Leukocyte Antigen (HLA) typing software for multiple NGS platforms, can now export HLA typing results of an individual sample directly to the PIRCHE matching services website. This will facilitate laboratories to predict indirectly recognizable HLA epitopes for either hematopoietic stem cells or solid organs.

About the PIRCHE algorithm
HLA mismatches between donors and recipients may lead to alloreactivity after transplantation. With the identification of numerous new HLA alleles, the risk of alloreactive responses towards HLA mismatches after transplantation has become more challenging to predict. The PIRCHE (Predicted Indirectly ReCognizable HLA Epitopes) algorithm has been developed to estimate the risk associated to alloreactive T-cell responses. The PIRCHE algorithm addresses the indirect recognition of HLA mismatches. It aims to improve transplant outcome by reducing Graft-versus-Host Disease and by enhancing Graf-versus-Leukemia effects after hematopoietic stem cell transplantation and cord blood transplantation. In the field of organ transplantation, the algorithm allows estimating the incidence of developing donor-specific antibodies against the transplant, which is considered the major risk of graft failure.

About High-Resolution HLA Typing
The HLA system consists of a large family of highly variable genes and allelic variants which form the basis of the human immunological defense system. In stem cell transplantation, matching patient and donor is vital as small differences between HLA alleles may have serious effects on the outcome of transplantation. High-resolution typing is a technology which enables determination of variations in nucleotides, making it ideal for stem cell transplantation purposes.
GenDx offers the NGSgo® reagent line and the NGSengine software package for NGS-based HLA typing.