GenDx has partnered with Azure Biosystems, a leading provider of innovative bioanalytical solutions for protein and genomic research, to demonstrate compatibility of the Azure Cielo 6 qPCR System with the GenDx KMRtype® and KMRtrack® kits for high-sensitivity chimerism monitoring by qPCR.

Azure’s work with GenDx demonstrates the Azure’s Cielo 6’s compatibility with KMRtype and KMRtrack assays. Cielo 6 is easily integrated into the KMRtype and KMRtrack workflows and delivers reliable results in both genotyping and monitoring. Cielo 6 is also integrated in the analysis software, KMRengine.

Azure and GenDx have worked together to publish an application note describing how to integrate the Cielo 6 into the associated workflows, click here to read it.

KMRtype, KMRtrack and KMRengine are available as RUO and IVD, read more about them here

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