Multiplexed HLA amplification 11 loci
  • High quality results
  • Whole-gene coverage
  • Includes enzyme mastermix


Multiplexed HLA amplification 6 loci
  • One-Day-Workflow
  • Includes enzyme mastermix

NGSgo®-AmpX v2

Singleplex amplification primer sets including polymerase enzyme
  • Optimized version of AmpX
  • Single loci
  • Includes enzyme mastermix


Singleplex amplification primers with proven reliability
  • Succesful strategy since 2005
  • Single loci
  • Choice of 12 different HLA genes


Fast and easy library prep
  • Fast and easy indexing
  • Single tubes or well-plate format

NGSgo® Library Full Kit

Library preparation and indexing kit
  • Complete solution for library preparation
  • Includes NGSgo-LibrX and NGSgo-IndX plate
  • Includes GenDx-AMPure XP beads

NGSgo® workflow

CE-marked workflow for HLA amplification and library preparation
  • Robust amplification and fast library prep
  • Includes AmpX, LibrX, and IndX
  • 5 or 11 single loci


LongRange PCR kit
  • Suitable for whole-gene amplification
  • Compatible with AmpX and SBTexcellerator


Polymerase mastermix
  • Ready-to-go enzyme mastermix
  • Buffer and dNTPs included
  • Compatible with AmpX v2

GenDx-AMPure XP

Magnetic SPRI beads for DNA cleanup
  • High recovery of amplicons
  • Consistent size selection
  • Compatible with manual and automated processing


Analysis software for NGS-based typing
  • Free updates every ~3 months
  • Intuitive interface
  • High speed


Automatic start of NGS analysis
  • Direct analysis after sequencing
  • Starts automatically