High-resolution Nanopore HLA typing within 3 hours

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  • Fast Nanopore sequencing
  • 11 loci whole gene
  • 1-tube library preparation


With a turnaround time of less than three hours (single sample) and an easy and robust workflow, NGS-Turbo® is designed for HLA typing in situations where time is a critical factor.

The NGS-TurboAmp kit offers 11 HLA loci using a whole-gene approach. The extremely quick 1-tube library preparation with NGS-TurboPrep requires no fragmentation and can be safely paused at any time. After nanopore sequencing the data can be directly analyzed with NGSengine®-Turbo.

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High-resolution HLA typing can be performed on multiple platforms, however, options are limited when time is of the essence. The MinION Mk1B and GridION sequencers from ONT are compatible with NGS-Turbo and provide long-read sequencing within a short timeframe, taking as little as 20 minutes for one sample.

With NGS-Turbo®, the turnaround time for high-resolution HLA typing is only 3 hours, from blood to typing result.


Amplification of HLA loci


NGS-TurboAmp offers fast amplification of all 11 HLA loci (HLA-A, B, C, DQA1, DQB1, DPA1, DPB1, DRB1 and DRB3/4/5) using a whole-gene approach and results in high resolution.


Library preparation

With NGS-TurboPrep, library preparation can be performed in just 30 minutes. No fragmentation is required and intermission is possible at any time point.


Sequencing & data analysis

Finally, the sample can be sequenced on Oxford Nanopore Technologies sequencing devices and the data can be directly analyzed and typed with NGSengine®Turbo.

NGS-Turbo is an expansion of GenDx’ current high-resolution HLA typing portfolio.


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