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At GenDx, we are convinced that sharing knowledge and ideas will help the transplantation field move forward. Congresses and meetings offer moments to exchange information, both formally and informally. The latter has evolved into the Tulip Run, an opportunity for fresh air and to run or walk and talk. Initially organized at the ASHI and EFI meetings, and since 2017 gradually more Tulip Runs are being held globally at several immunology meetings. The Tulip Run serves as a light-hearted platform for sharing the future of immunology!

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September 18 is #WorldMarrowDonorDay. GenDx organizes the annual Stem Cell Donor Recruitment Week and one of the activities is tomorrow's webinar, by Jason Dehn from BeTheMatch foundation about the importance of stem cell donation. Register at http://GenDx.com

We thank the audience for their interest in the presentation of Jan Duiker, Distribution Channel Director: "GenDx best-in-class solutions for optimal Hematopoietic cell transplantation (HCT) matching and monitoring" #VodenMedical #AIBT2021 #NGSHLA #Sanger #Chimerism

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