Genotyping kit to select informative markers for chimerism monitoring
Available as RUO & CE-IVD
  • 13 triplex mixes available for a total of 39 assays
  • Sensitive qPCR method
  • RUO & CE-IVD


Monitoring kit to track chimeric status in time
Available as RUO & CE-IVD
  • Monitor selected markers
  • Early relapse detection
  • RUO & CE-IVD


HLA loss detection assays
Available as RUO
  • Detect HLA loss
  • Co-developed with hospitals of Essen and Milano
  • 10 different HLA markers


Analysis software for qPCR-based chimerism monitoring (KMRtype, KMRtrack and HLA-KMR assays)
  • Monitor chimerism changes in time
  • Generate lab protocols based on your input
  • RUO & CE-IVD