Utrecht, 17 October 2023

GenDx launches NGS-Turbo®: revolutionizing high-resolution HLA typing with Oxford Nanopore Technologies sequencing devices

GenDx, a Eurobio Scientific Company, has announced the launch of their newly developed product, NGS-Turbo, designed for HLA typing using Oxford Nanopore Technologies sequencing devices. NGS-Turbo represents a significant leap forward in the field of HLA typing, offering unparalleled speed and efficiency when time is of the essence.
With the release of this new product, GenDx continues to push the boundaries of innovation in the field of HLA typing, and NGS-Turbo demonstrates their commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions for the transplantation community.
NGS-Turbo is characterized by its exceptional turnaround time, providing high-resolution HLA typing results in as little as three hours, from blood sample to the final result. The innovative product is composed of two essential workflow components: NGS-TurboAmp and NGS-TurboPrep.
NGS-TurboAmp facilitates rapid amplification, completing the process in a mere 90 minutes, targeting 11 HLA loci using a whole-gene approach.
NGS-TurboPrep offers a library preparation designed specifically for Oxford Nanopore sequencing devices. In just 30 minutes, users can perform library preparation in a single well with little effort, thanks to pre-filled color-coded reagents. The preparation process eliminates the need for fragmentation, can be conducted at room temperature, and offers the flexibility to pause if necessary.
The sequencing step, performed on an Oxford Nanopore device, takes as little as 20 minutes to generate high-quality data, ensuring precise and accurate typing results.

Maarten Penning, PhD, General Manager of GenDx, expressed his excitement about the product’s launch, stating, “We are continuously evolving our HLA typing product lines to meet the dynamic demands of the field. Our collaboration with Oxford Nanopore has led to the development of an assay that not only seamlessly integrates with their platform but also excels in speed and user-friendliness. The overwhelmingly positive feedback received during the early access program speaks volumes about the product’s potential impact. NGS-Turbo will be a transformative solution for laboratories seeking high-resolution HLA typing with rapid turnaround times.”
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About HLA

The Human Leukocyte Antigen (HLA) system comprises a diverse family of genes and allelic variants crucial for the human immune system. Precise HLA matching between patients and donors is essential in transplantation, as even slight differences in HLA alleles can significantly impact transplant outcomes. HLA typing enables the identification of specific nucleotide sequences, making it an indispensable tool for transplantation purposes.

About Oxford Nanopore Technologies

Oxford Nanopore Technologies’ goal is to bring the widest benefits to society through enabling the analysis of anything, by anyone, anywhere. The company has developed a new generation of nanopore-based sensing technology for real-time, high-performance, accessible and scalable analysis of DNA and RNA. The technology is used in more than 120 countries to understand the biology of humans and diseases such as cancer, plants, animals, bacteria, viruses and whole environments. Oxford Nanopore Technologies products are intended for molecular biology applications and are not intended for diagnostic purposes.

About GenDx, a Eurobio Scientific Company

Genome Diagnostics B.V., trading as GenDx, is a Dutch company specializing in molecular diagnostics. It focuses on the development, production, and sale of innovative assays and analysis software for transplantation and companion diagnostics. GenDx offers a range of HLA sequencing-based typing strategies, reagents, software, and custom laboratory services. GenDx Education also provides dedicated training courses worldwide for professionals in tissue typing, research laboratories, blood banks, and donor registries. In October 2022, Eurobio Scientific acquired all shares of GenDx. For more information, visit

About Eurobio Scientific

Eurobio Scientific is a key player in the field of specialty in vitro diagnostics. It is involved from research to manufacturing and commercialization of diagnostic tests in the fields of transplantation, immunology and infectious diseases, and sells instruments and products for research laboratories, including biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. Through many partnerships and a strong presence in hospitals, Eurobio Scientific has established its own distribution network and a portfolio of proprietary products in the molecular biology field. The Group has approximately 170 employees and three production units based in France, in the Paris region, in Germany and in the United States, and several affiliates based in Dorking UK, Sissach Switzerland, Bünde Germany and Utrecht in The Netherlands. Eurobio Scientific’s reference shareholder is the EurobioNext holding company which brings together its two directors, Jean-Michel Carle and Denis Fortier, alongside the “Pépites et Territoires” by AXA & NextStage AM investment program, managed by NextStage AM. For more information, please visit : The company is publicly listed on the Euronext Growth market in Paris Euronext Growth BPI Innovation, PEA-PME 150 and Next Biotech indices, Euronext European Rising Tech label. Symbol: ALERS – ISIN Code: FR0013240934 – Reuters: ALERS.PA – Bloomberg: ALERS:FP

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