High-resolution Nanopore HLA typing


  • High-resolution HLA typing
  • Oxford Nanopore Sequencing
  • Up to 96 samples in a run


Get ready for the future of HLA typing with NGS-Pronto, our solution designed for Oxford Nanopore Technologies sequencing devices.

NGS-Pronto offers amplification and library preparation reagents, complete with 96 barcodes, providing for an easy and efficient workflow. After nanopore sequencing the data can be directly analysed with GenDx software – NGSengine®-Turbo.

NGS-Pronto is expected to launch as RUO in September 2024.

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Amplification & Library Preparation

Covering 11 HLA loci using a comprehensive whole-gene approach, the fast thermal cycling program is completed in just 90 minutes. Library preparation is equally efficient, performed entirely at room temperature, and easily paused as needed. Additionally, there is no fragmentation – our process yields long, intact amplicons to further achieve full phasing. Depending on the sample number, library prep takes just 1 to 2 hours.


Compatible with R10.4.1 flow cells, NGS-Pronto can be sequenced on MinION Mk1B and GridION sequencers from ONT, delivering rapid results in as little as 15 minutes per sample. The assay is to be used with compatible consumables from ONT, including EXP-NBA114, EXP-AUX003, and EXP-SFB001.

Data analysis

Streamline your analysis with NGSengine-Turbo, our user-friendly software tailored for ONT data. With a fast analysis time of approximately 5 minutes per sample, you’ll quickly have the results you need.

Turnaround time from DNA to result is as fast as 12.5 hours for 24 samples.


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