Have you heard about PIRCHE?

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PIRCHE Epitope Matching in Kidney Transplantation: A Case Study

PIRCHE® is a new technology for estimating the risk of immune responses after transplantation. It is the first HLA matching algorithm taking into account the indirect pathway of allo-recognition. PIRCHE currently has more than 650 users in 57 countries.

The input of the algorithm is the HLA genotype of a sample. The output of this algorithm is a score (number), to be considered when searching for a donor.

With NGSengine version 2.16 or higher, you can have access to the PIRCHE export feature. GenDx customers can also receive full access to the full range of PIRCHE epitope matching modules through the PIRCHE web platform. You only need to register selecting GenDx as preferred partner.

For more details, visit www.pirche.com