NGSengine has been updated!

We have released the new version of our NGSengine software. Version 2.23.1 includes several new features and improvements, and the latest IMGT/HLA database 3.45.1.

HML exporter now available

To facilitate the digital reporting of HLA testing results and the collection of the raw probe, primer, and sequence data, the NMDP Bioinformatics group developed a software reporting format in 1998 but maintenance and extension became increasingly difficult due to the rigid format limitations. Therefore, the NMDP Bioinformatics group developed an XML-based reporting format to address the shortcomings of the previous format. The XML-based format is called Histoimmunogenetics Markup Language (HML) and is intended as a potentially general-purpose format for exchanging genetic typing data.

From the version 2.23.1 of NGSengine onwards, you will be able to export the typing results also in HML format. This has been a long-awaited feature as HML is the format of choice to upload data in the IHIW 18 workshop, to which GenDx is a sponsor and official partner. Now any user of NGSengine will be able to create a .hml file and contribute to the database maintained by the workshop promoting research, science, and exchange of valuable data.


For more information regarding the HML format check the publication “Histoimmunogenetics Markup Language 1.0: Reporting next generation sequencing-based HLA and KIR genotyping” or directly contact us at

Download NGSengine 2.23.1