NGStrack® & TRKengine®

Our NGStrack assay combines the use of NGS with highly sensitive indel markers to monitor chimerism. The latest design of the assay, released as of today, has 34 markers multiplexed in just 2 mixes. This setup allows for a DNA input of only 60 ng per sample. Ultimately, the results are visualized in just a few steps with our user-friendly and intuitive software, TRKengine.

The assay: NGStrack®

High-sensitivity chimerism monitoring
With NGStrack you can reach at least 0.5% sensitivity, which is 2-10 times more sensitive than STR assays. The kit features 34 markers multiplexed in 2 mixes for a fast workflow and excellent quality. After a single typing experiment on a pre-sample, all monitoring samples can be measured without the need to include the pre-sample again. The markers overlap with our qPCR KMR reagents, allowing parallel use of the two techniques. Additionally, NGStrack can be combined with NGSgo HLA samples on the same flow cell.


✓ Reliable at all chimerism percentages
✓ 2-10 times more sensitive than STR
✓ Only 60 ng DNA needed per sample
✓ Short workflow, 75 min hands-on
✓ Test the pre-sample only once

The software: TRKengine®

Easy trend analysis
Assay results can easily be imported in our intuitive software, TRKengine. The analysis takes just a few minutes and the use of indels, detection is even possible below the sequencing noise levels. The user-friendly interface provides extensive options for donor/recipient management and allows for effortless trending over time.

✓ Fast data analysis <5 min
✓ User-friendly overviews
✓ Trend and report chimerism over time
✓ Extensive database management
✓ Works on a standard PC or laptop

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NGStrack and TRKengine are now available for research use only (RUO). Contact us to ask for a demo or for additional information, we will be happy to answer your questions!

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