Chimerism monitoring by NGS (assay)
Available as RUO

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  • Reliable at all chimerism percentages
  • 2-10 times more sensitive than STR
  • Only 60 ng DNA needed per sample


Chimerism monitoring by NGS is the latest development in chimerism surveillance and replaces the less sensitive conventional STR (short tandem repeat) method because of its higher sensitivity (2-10 times more sensitive). GenDx is offering a solution for Chimerism monitoring by NGS, NGStrack® (assay) & TRKengine® (software).

With NGStrack assay you only need 60ng DNA per sample and the short workflow with only 75 min hands-on time provides quick and easy results.

NGStrack and TRKengine are available as RUO.

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NGStrack® Core Kit


Part 1 of 2: NGStrack® Core kit
NGStrack® TRK Mix A
NGStrack® TRK Mix B
NGStrack® TRKenzyme
Nuclease-free water
NGSgo® IndX Plate III
NGSgo® IndX Plate IV
Part 2 of 2: GenDx-AMPure XP
GenDx-AMPure XP Elution Buffer
GenDx-AMPure XP AMPure beads

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Our NGStrack reagents consist of a set of 34 indel markers that cover 18 chromosomes. The kit also includes an X/Y marker. After a single typing experiment on a pre-sample, all monitoring samples can be measured without the need to include the pre-sample again.

NGStrack can be combined with NGSgo HLA samples on the same flow cell. If you are already using chimerism monitoring by qPCR (KMRtype, KMRtrack, and AlleleSEQR) and you want to combine or continue with NGS, the markers overlap so you can have the same informative level.

Assay results can easily be imported in our intuitive software, TRKengine.


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