Chimerism monitoring by NGS assay


  • Under 1.5 hours of hands-on time
  • Amplicon indexing simultaneous with amplification
  • Pre-sample needs to be tested only once


Chimerism monitoring by NGS is the latest development in post-transplantation surveillance and replaces the less sensitive conventional STR (short tandem repeat) method. Because of its higher sensitivity (2-10 times more sensitive than STR assays), a potential relapse can be detected at an earlier stage.

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Our NGStrack reagents consist of a set of 32 indel markers covering 18 chromosomes. The kit also includes an X/Y marker. This set can be included in our renowned NGSgo workflow, which has been successfully used in HLA labs for many years. If you are already using chimerism monitoring by qPCR ((KMRtype, KMRtrack, and AlleleSEQR) ) and you want to combine or continue with NGS, the markers overlap so you can have the same informative level.


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