Analysis software for Chimerism monitoring by NGS (NGStrack assay)


  • Analyze and interpret NGStrack chimerism results within minutes with TRKengine
  • User-friendly, intuitive interface
  • Includes a database for easy subject processing and tracking


Chimerism monitoring by NGS is the latest development in post-transplantation surveillance and replaces the less sensitive conventional STR (short tandem repeat) method. Because of its higher sensitivity, (2-10 times more sensitive than STR assays), a potential relapse can be detected at an earlier stage.

Make your results clear and visible with TRKengine, our in-house developed software, based on the best features of our renowned NGSengine® and KMRengine® software packages that have been perfected for over a decade.

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Our NGStrack assay makes use of indels for monitoring. This is highly preferred over assays that use SNPs, because

  • the informative markers can be more clearly distinguished from the noise, as demonstrated in the figure below.
  • Detection is even possible below the sequencing noise levels.
  • Additionally, indels are less prone to sequencing errors.
  • Together, our 32 indel markers cover 362 distinctive nucleotide positions, meaning that 362 measuring points are used to determine the chimerism percentages.

This contributes to the high accuracy and sensitivity of the assay.



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