Chimerism monitoring by NGS (software)

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  • Fast data analysis <5 min 
  • User friendly, intuitive interface
  • Trend and report chimerism over time


Chimerism monitoring by NGS is the latest development in post-transplantation surveillance and replaces the less sensitive conventional STR (short tandem repeat) method because of its higher sensitivity (2-10 times more sensitive). GenDx is offering a solution for Chimerism monitoring by NGS,
NGStrack® (assay) & TRKengine® (software).

NGStrack results can be visualized with TRKengine, our in-house developed software, based on the best features of our renowned NGSengine® and KMRengine® software packages that have been perfected for over a decade.

NGStrack and TRKengine are available as RUO.

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TRKengine® Standard Entry (1 year)


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TRKengine® Premium Entry (5 years)


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TRKengine® Standard Extension (+1 year)


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TRKengine® Premium Extension (+5 years)


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The analysis takes just a few minutes and with the use of indels, detection is even possible below the sequencing noise levels. The user-friendly interface provides extensive options for donor/recipient management and allows for effortless trending over time.



With TRKengine you have

✓ Fast data analysis <5 min
User-friendly overviews
Trend and report chimerism over time
✓ Extensive database management
✓ Works on a standard PC or laptop


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