NGSengine 3.1 now available!

NGSengine®, our software for NGS-based HLA analysis, was developed in 2012 and has since undergone major developments. Customer feedback has been the driving force behind our continuous commitment to enhancing our software. Throughout the years, we have consistently elevated the standards for optimal result visualization and dedicated efforts to refining our algorithms, ensuring that we deliver reliable typing results.

We are proud to announce the changes we have made and we trust that they will further enhance your experience with NGSengine! Among the key improvements in NGSengine 3.1. you can find:

  • New phasing algorithm
  • Improved insertion detection and reporting
  • Improved ignore region management
  • New options to display ambiguities in the genotype ranking view
  • Extended analysis region for DPB1
  • Improved user experience

Update now
Make sure to update your software to the latest version. For a complete overview of the improvements, other changes and bugfixes, please check the release certificate. You can also find the latest instruction for use documents for NGSengine here.

Download NGSengine 3.1

Download release certificate – NGSengine 3.1

Download release certificate – NGSignition 3.1