We have improved our NGSgo-AmpX KIR kit, which includes a few protocol changes to benefit the robustness of the protocol.

This change will take effect from your next order (kit lot# 22000148 and up). Individual primer tubes can be recognized by the indication of the no. of reactions on the tube label instead of the previous dissolving volume.

What has changed?

√ Primer resuspension volume increased from 27 to 40 µl.
√ PCR reaction volume increased from 10 to 15 µl.
√ Elongation time of the cycling protocol increased from 8 to 14 min.

Updated Instructions for Use

You can find the changes in edition 4 of the Instructions for Use, which is to be used with NGSgo-AmpX KIR kit lot# 22000148 and up.

Download here

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