NGSengine has been updated!

We have released the new version of our NGSengine software. Version 2.22.0 includes several new features and improvements, and the latest IMGT/HLA database 3.44.1.

Some important new features

  • Analysis of NGSgo®-MX6-1 and long-read alignment have been significantly improved.
  • IMGT/HLA database 3.44.1 is included and selected by default.
  • Improved the security of user credentials.
  • All unpublished splice sites are extrapolated with the common nucleotides, which was not the case for DPB1, DPB2 and HLA-H. This will allow easier identification of new splice site variants and putative null alleles.
  • At the locus analysis preferences, the “Set all loci like HLA-A” button is changed into a “Set all locus like selected locus” button.
  • The name of the saved PDF report is automatically based on the scope (project/ group/ sample/ locus).

Update now!

Make sure to update your software to the latest version to have access to the new features and the latest database. For a complete overview of all new updates, please check the release certificate.

Download Software update

Download Release certificate