Discover the DNA of… Joris Albers.

GenDx is a global leader in molecular diagnostics for matching stem cell transplant patients with donors, and monitor success of transplantation. Our team consists of specialists, strategists, technicians, developers and creatives, all with different competences but with the same drive: to improve the quality of life of transplant patients worldwide. In our blog Discover our DNA, we would like to introduce you to the people behind GenDx. This time we are happy to introduce our colleague:  Joris Albers.  

Joris described in a few words
Creative, enthusiastic, restless and stubborn

What position do you fulfill?
I am a Project Manager Software Development. My main responsbilities are:

– Improving our software products, with a focus on NGSengine
– Final code review, making sure internal and external software qualities are maintained
– Writing technical plans
– Teaching software topics
– Deploying releases

What do you like about your job?
First of all the team I’m working in. In contrary to popular belief, software developers spend a lot of time on discussing the features of the software. These discussions can get pretty intense, but always result in the best improvements for the user. I feel very lucky to work in a team where everyone is motivated to do the best they can. Secondly, developing software, and especially the coding aspect, is just so much fun! Solving challenges requires us to be creative on a technical level. There’s is no better feeling than solving a challenge that results in improving the users’ workflow, and ultimately improves the quality of life of a patient!

What achievement are you most proud of? And why?
The major releases of NGSengine. We have worked on it for a long time to implement lots of new features customers have been asking for. It’s a great feeling to release a new version into the world, after months of discussions, planning, screen mockups, code reviews and tests.

Software developing is like a puzzle and a release is like sending in a possible solution to (parts of) the puzzle. After a release, it becomes the question if the customer likes the solution. The puzzle itself is complex because a theoretical idea is sometimes difficult to realize in code. It is a constant battle between what we want to do and what we can do. Overcoming these obstacles and implementing features that users need, makes me proud.

What do you do if you are not at work?
Apart from the usual stuff – I like to read books, play board games with friends, drink specialty beers and nice wines and I take care of over 35 plants in my house. As a side project, I’m currently working on a LED installation together with a group of friends. This project enables me to program a project that’s not as heavily regulated and tested as during my job. The project started 3 years ago and the LED installation is occasionally used at parties hosted by friends, but also at venues within the Netherlands. During one of the heat weaves in 2019, we have spend a week locked in a basement, soldering the different components together. We were ready just in time for the party where the LED installation would be used.

The combination of hardware and software is something that interests me, because you immediately get direct feedback on the code you write. It’s not just manipulating data, its real, it affects the space around you. After spending a lot of time creating it, it is truly mesmerizing to look at thousands of individual lights that create a stunning visual together.

What do people probably don’t know about you?
I’m really into the electronic early hardcore sound from the 90’s. Examples are Ruffneck, Meagashira, Predator and Marc Acardipane. Enzyme X is great too.  Search for “Up & Down” from Marc Acardiplane & New balance. One of the best!  Most of the songs made by these DJ’s were created before I was born. But if I had lived in that time, I’m sure my head would be bald and my wardrobe filled with colorful aussies.