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For over 15 years we have been developing and providing the tools you need for HLA typing, including reagents, analysis software, services, and education. GenDx is a pioneer in Sequencing-Based Typing, providing platforms for both Sanger and Next Generation Sequencing. In addition, we provide excellent support and training for both experienced HLA typers and new users.

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We support a full workflow for NGS-based HLA typing


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Next Generation Sequencing HLA analysis software

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Your NGS data automatically analyzed!



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NGSgo®-AmpX v2

Everything you need for your amplification in one box

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GenDx-LongMix &
GenDx-LongMix SBTX

Ready-to-go enzyme mastermix for amplification



Discover our new amplification kit for 8 KIR genes

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NGSgo®-AmpX          MICA, MICB

Whole-gene amplification of MICA and MICB


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NGSgo®-IndX plates

Simplify your NGSgo workflow
(for Illumina and Ion Torrent)





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LongRange PCR kits

The GenDx-LongRange PCR kits are optimally compatible with our amplification strategies.

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Discover our newly-developed multiplexed amplification. One amplification, 6 loci!

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Optimised reagents for Sanger Sequencing-Based Typing (SBT)







Excellerate your Typing


Accurate analysis of HLA loci using Sanger sequencing technology for complete high-resolution typing.






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Chimerism Monitoring

Is chimerism monitoring part of your every day research?
Start detection of early relapse now.


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Detection of HLA loss by qPCR



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GeneFinder™ by
OSANG Healthcare

HLA typing & Disease association Real-time PCR Kits




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GenDx-AMPure XP

The kit includes 5ml AMPure beads and 5ml elution buffer.

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Get hands-on experience

Get practical laboratory training on the Illumina MiSeq and Ion Torrent PGM platforms.





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Get Support

Have questions about your experiment, data analysis or our products?


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Laboratory Services

Looking to outsource your HLA typing work, or need advice with setting up your own facility?


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HLA Training School

Want to stay updated and refresh your knowledge on HLA, SBT and NGS workflow and data analysis?

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