KMRtype® & KMRtrack®
Chimerism Monitoring qPCR reagents

In an effort to overcome the sensitivity and analysis shortcomings of STR-based transplant monitoring methods, and to improve upon the current state of the art in qPCR-based chimerism analysis and laboratory workflow, GenDx has created a new assay and software suite.

Our workflow utilizes a panel of 39 multiplexed qPCR research assays and KMRengine software to comparatively genotype multiple samples on a single plate. The KMRtype Core kit consists of 10 mixtures of 3 qPCR assays each and the KMRtype Extended kit consists of another 3 mixtures of 3 qPCR assays each.  

Available as Research Use Only (RUO) and CE

 Most sensitive and specific system available today

Multiple donor analysis

For recipients receiving serial transplants, monitoring used to be challenging. With our highly sensitive system multiple donors can be traced simultaneously. With the increased use of double cord-blood donations this feature improves the opportunities for highly sensitive and longitudinal monitoring

Up to 8 samples per genotyping experiment

With a multiplexed assay the number of reactions and reagents needed per sample is minimized, enabling an experimental set-up of up to 8 samples per run (when applying a 96-well plate and the KMRtype Core kit). Samples from both recipient and donor can be analysed in separate experiments, providing additional flexibility.

39 markers over 17 chromosomes

A balanced set of markers distributed over many chromosomes increases the chance of finding informative markers. Most of the markers used in our assay are located in InDels. The location of a marker might exclude it from analysis when the location is known to be compromised in a specific disease.





Chimerism Analysis Software 

  • Automated data analysis
  • Longitudinal data storage and reporting
  • Protocol generation and flexible experiment setup
  • Enables direct importing into LIMS

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Detection of HLA loss by qPCR



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