KMRengine® Software

KMRengine software automates the process of informative marker selection and post-transplant monitoring with our KMRtype genotyping kit and KMRtrack monitoring reagents.

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Instructions for Use


KMRengine 3 0 Database conversions M18 064 V3 2018 06


KMRengine IFU CE IVD 4340080 V2 2018 02


KMRengine IFU RUO 4350080V2 2018 02


KMRengine Download and Updates 

Please note that you need a valid license key to use the software.
Contact for information or request a free one month trial.

Latest version: 2.0  (June 26th, 2018)

We recommend watching this basic instruction video by our Technical Application Specialist Bram Luiken before starting with version 2.0.

KMRengine® is IVD in EU/EEA, Switzerland, Norway and Turkey.


For KMRengine .NET 4.6.1 full version is required.


Previous versions

Please note: The newest version of the software can be downloaded using the links above.

KMRengine Release Notes 

KMRengine 2.0 release notes 

New Features 


  1. The design and navigation have been renewed:
    • The home window has been changed to show the worklists.
    • Clear overview of recipient and donor information including transfers and samples.
    • Tabs for easy navigation.
    • The color schemes and images have been adjusted.
    • Changes are saved automatically. Plate export is no longer required to save progress.
  2. Databases from version 1.7 or older will be converted to the new format. The original database will be stored as a zip-file. All previously obtained data will remain accessible in the new format at all times.
  3. Reports can be created for any person or cell line, reporting their general information and typing results.
  4. Approval and rejection are now possible for each experiment.


  1. Improved placement of various combinations of monitoring samples on a plate.
  2. Clearer warnings and error messages.
  3. PDF reports have been updated.
  4. KMRtype names are changed from three to two digits.

Bug fix 

  1. The order of the DNA dilution table in the protocol is identical to the sample order on a plate.
  2. Cases where the DNA dilution table was incorrect after changing the plate setup have been fixed.
  3. Protocol was not correct when using a 72 wells plate. This has been fixed.
  4. Special cases in which ‘Ask for support’ could crash have been fixed.


KMRengine Release Certificates

To assist you with your institute's quality coordination process, we are pleased to provide you the with KMRengine® Release Certificates:



KMRengine 2.0, June 26


KMRengine 1.7, July 5

KMRengine 1.6.3, March 2

KMRengine 1.6.2, February 15

KMRengine 1.6.1, February 10

KMRengine 1.6, February 1


KMRengine 1.5, October 27 

KMRengine 1.4, June 30

KMRengine 1.3, January 20


KMRengine 1.2 September 17

KMRengine 1.1, February 18


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