Monitoring reagents

In an effort to overcome the sensitivity and analysis shortcomings of STR-based transplant monitoring methods, and to improve upon the current state of the art in qPCR-based chimerism analysis and laboratory workflow,  a completely new assay and software suite was developed.

Our system utilizes a panel of 39 qPCR research assays and KMRengine software to quantitatively analyze chimeric DNA mixtures. The first 30 assays are available in the Core and Starter kit (corresponding to KMRtype Core assays), while the Extended kit contains the remaining 9 (corresponding to KMRtype Extended assays). Each assay is also available separately. All assays have been developed to provide high specificity and sensitivity using a common set of conditions.

Your benefits:

• Singleplex format for highest possible sensitivity
• High sensitivity and specificity




Available as Research Use Only (RUO)

How to order?

For ordering KMRtrack reagents please contact your local GenDx HLA-specialised distributor or contact us directly.
You can place your order by email:

For any information about pricing, time of delivery and availability.
Contact GenDx directly via or +31 (0)30 252 3799 or fill in the contact form

KMRtrack is available as Research Use Only (RUO)

KMRtrack Starter Monitoring Kit, (catalog number 8342982) contains all reagents necessary to perform monitoring experiments. The KMRtrack Core and Extended Monitoring Kit, (catalog number 8342182, 8342582), has the tracking assays without the KMRassay Reference Assay and KMRassay qPCR Buffer & Enzyme. All of these articles are also sold as individual components.


Group Product Description No. of Tests Cat. No.
KMRtrack® KMRtrack® Core Monitoring kit RUO* 48 8342182
  KMRtrack® Starter Monitoring kit RUO** 48 8342982
  KMRtrack® Extended Monitoring kit RUO*** 48 8342582
  KMRtrack® KMR004 RUO 48 8344342-04
  KMRtrack® KMR009 RUO 48 8344342-09
  KMRtrack® KMR010 RUO 48 8344342-10
  KMRtrack® KMR011 RUO 48 8344342-11
  KMRtrack® KMR013 RUO 48 8344342-13
  KMRtrack® KMR014 RUO 48 8344342-14
  KMRtrack® KMR016 RUO 48 8344342-16
  KMRtrack® KMR017 RUO 48 8344342-17
  KMRtrack® KMR019 RUO 48 8344342-19
  KMRtrack® KMR020 RUO 48 8344342-20
  KMRtrack® KMR028 RUO 48 8344342-28
  KMRtrack® KMR029 RUO 48 8344342-29
  KMRtrack® KMR030 RUO 48 8344342-30
  KMRtrack® KMR031 RUO 48 8344342-31
  KMRtrack® KMR033 RUO 48 8344342-33
  KMRtrack® KMR034 RUO 48 8344342-34
  KMRtrack® KMR035 RUO 48 8344342-35
  KMRtrack® KMR036 RUO 48 8344342-36
  KMRtrack® KMR037 RUO 48 8344342-37
  KMRtrack® KMR038 RUO 48 8344342-38
  KMRtrack® KMR039 RUO 48 8344342-39
  KMRtrack® KMR040 RUO 48 8344342-40
  KMRtrack® KMR041 RUO 48 8344342-41
  KMRtrack® KMR042 RUO 48 8344342-42
  KMRtrack® KMR043 RUO 48 8344342-43
  KMRtrack® KMR044 RUO 48 8344342-44
  KMRtrack® KMR045 RUO 48 8344342-45
  KMRtrack® KMR046 RUO 48 8344342-46
  KMRtrack® KMR047 RUO 48 8344342-47
  KMRtrack® KMR048 RUO 48 8344342-48
  KMRtrack® KMR049 RUO 48 8344342-49
  KMRtrack® KMR050 RUO 48 8344342-50
  KMRtrack® KMR051 RUO 48 8344342-51
  KMRtrack® KMR052 RUO 48 8344342-52
  KMRtrack® KMR053 RUO 48 8344342-53
  KMRtrack® KMR054 RUO 48 8344342-54
  KMRtrack® KMR055 RUO 48 8344342-55
  KMRtrack® KMR056 RUO 48 8344342-56
  KMRtrack® KMR057 RUO 48 8344342-57

*KMRtrack Core; all 30 markers, which are also in the KMRtype Core kit
**KMRtrack Starter; all 30 markers, KMRassay qPCR Buffer & Enzyme (288 rxn), KMRassay Reference Assay 901 (288 rxn)
***KMRtrack Extended; 9 markers, which are also in the KMRtype Extended kit


Group Product Description No. of Tests Cat. No.
KMRassay® KMRassay® Reference Gene (4x) (288) RUO 288 8343284
  KMRassay® qPCR Buffer & Enzyme (288) RUO 288 8343283

Chimerism Analysis Software

  • Supports platforms such as ABI7500, ViiA7 and Quantstudio 6 & 7 platforms
  • Stores results from informative marker analysis
  • Stores longitudinal sample data
  • Creates XML files, enabling direct importing into LIMS

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Genotyping qPCR Reagents

  • Multiplexed DNA Genotyping
  • Simultaneous typing of 8 Samples
  • Simple analysis of multiple donors


 KMRtype kit


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