Speed up your NGS workflow with our six-loci multiplex  




Now also available as CE-marked IVD!

Get your NGS HLA typing results faster by using our newly developed multiplexed amplification NGSgo®-MX6-1.

Primers are blended together in one tube for the amplification of HLA-A, HLA-B, HLA-C, HLA-DRB1, HLA-DQB1, and HLA-DPB1.


6 loci in one PCR reaction


amplification strategy


Optimized PCR protocol and reaction mix to achieve a robust multiplex PCR

  • Orange pellet for easy detection of pellet
  • No artificial hot start needed
  • Short < 3 hour cycling protocol
  • No pooling or quantification required after PCR


Full flexibility

  • Single-locus amplifications are also available, offering full flexibility for typing any number and configuration of loci
  • Coming soon: multiplexed amplification product featuring eleven loci


GenDx-LongMix: ready-to-go mastermix for amplification

  • Contains polymerase, dNTPs, and buffer all in one tube
  • Included with NGSgo-MX6-1
  • X-solution for DQB1 not needed


How to order

For ordering NGSgo®-MX6-1 you may contact your local GenDx HLA-specialized distributor or contact us directly.

You can place your order by email:

If you have any questions or need our assistance call +31 (0)30 252 3799 (NL) or +1(312)815 5006 (USA) or e-mail