Automatic start of NGS analysis


  • Direct analysis after sequencing
  • Starts automatically


With NGSignition you save time on data analysis. Start your sequencer at the end of the day, and NGSignition will automatically initiate data analysis after the end of the run so you can have your data fully analyzed the next morning.

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NGSengine® feature for NGSignition


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How does NGSignition work?

The software monitors the output folder of your sequencing platform. When a run has been completed, a cue is sent to your computer where data analysis starts without the need of user intervention, by an automated version of NGSengine. Once analysis has been completed, results can be viewed in NGSengine as usual.

NGSignition software

Reliable analysis

In NGSignition you can set the familiar data analysis preferences that you normally use in NGSengine, such as analysis region, thresholds, and quality trimming. This ensures high-quality data analysis, even when you are away.


How to set it up

  • Install NGSengine with special feature NGSserver on your computer
  • Setup NGSignition on your computer
  • Your institute’s IT specialist sets applicable software access rights


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