Webinar Archive

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Training and Materials

PIRCHE – Predicting Alloreactivity in Transplantation and Transfusion

with guest speaker Dr Eric Spierings, Universitair Medisch Centrum Utrecht, NL

Monitoring HLA-loss at time of leukemia relapse after stem cell transplantation

with guest speaker Prof. Katharina Fleischhauer, Universitatsklinikum Essen, DE

How to deal with a null allele

with Erik Rozemuller PhD, GenDx

An experimental workflow for full-length HLA genotyping using long-read nanopore sequences

with guest speakers Dr Gerhard Schöfl & Dr Vineeth Surendranath, DKMS Life Science Lab, Dresden, DE

Automation of the NGS HLA workflow

with guest speaker Debby Krom, Sanquin, Amsterdam, NL

On-call HLA typing by qPCR

with guest speaker Dr Arnold van der Meer, Radboud UMC, Nijmegen, NL

Guide to fast and reliable NGS results

with Hanneke van Deutekom PhD, GenDx

Peculiar encounters in NGS data

with Erik Rozemuller PhD, GenDx

Highlights of the EFI Conference 2018

with Sake van Wageningen PhD, GenDx

Chimerism Data Management Made Easy

with Evelien Bouwmans PhD, GenDx

NGS Beyond HLA – Typing MICA & MICB

with Hilde van der Schaar PhD, GenDx