With the Tulip Challenge we hope you will be encouraged to stay active and fit to overcome this exceptional period, be connected with the HLA family and united by the common goal: to enhance the outcome of transplantation.

The third week has passed, let’s update you about the Tulip Challenge!
Until now, 44 workouts have been completed with a total distance of 1195.75 KM! Not only running and cycling, but also inline skating and downhill mountain biking, HIIT workouts and jump rope workouts. The workouts have been completed in the Netherlands, the US, the UK (Scotland & England), Italy, Spain, Germany and Belgium.

For those of you who haven’t received their package yet, please be patient. Postal services are delayed worldwide and we trust they are doing their very best to deliver the package asap!

With the weekly Tulip Challenge Dashboard, we will keep you informed about the number of workouts completed. Also have a look at the photos of the completed Tulip Challenges in our photo gallery: gendx.com/2020/05/tulip-challenge-2020/