Hervé Duchesne de Lamotte

Former Executive at Eurobio Scientific

Hervé Duchesne de Lamotte is General Manager and Chief Financial Officer of Eurobio Scientific mid-2019. He is in charge of finance, investors relations, administration and legal. He was a member of the prior Management Board since March 2010.

Hervé Duchesne de Lamotte has over 25 years of international financial experience, including 20 years within the biotechnology industry. After having held a variety of project management positions in consultancy firms in France and the United States between 1981 and 1989, Hervé Duchesne de Lamotte took up a senior position at a Paris-based asset management firm. In 1991, he moved into pharma and biotechnology as a co-founder of the IDM group, a biotechnology company where he served from 1998 as CFO for 10 years in France, Canada, and the United States. He was subsequently appointed Chief Operating Officer, France, at IDM Paris from 2006 to 2008. Prior to joining Eurobio Scientific, Hervé Duchesne de Lamotte managed Cirrus Finance Management, a consultancy firm specializing in business and organizational strategies. He served as Board member of IDM and France Biotech.

Hervé Duchesne de Lamotte has an MBA in finance and a Master of Science from MIT. His first degree was in aeronautic engineering (SupAero).