SBTengine® AlleleSEQR Software Downloads and Instructions for Use

SBTengine® is a powerful software solution for complete tissue typing. It supports fast and accurate analysis of Human Leukocyte Antigen (HLA) class I (A, B & C) and class II (DR, DP & DQ) loci using Sequencing Based Typing (SBT) technology.

SBTengine® is designed with you, the user, in mind and focuses on the crucial aspects of allele assignment. Following the clear instructions, you will easily generate good results without being distracted by superfluous technical details. SBTengine is well-known for its unsurpassed accuracy, versatility and speed, which render it the leading software solution in the HLA field.

Software Downloads

Download SBTengine 3.22.0.msi

If you would like SBTengine® as ZIP file, use the link below.

Download SBTengine 3.22.0 installer as a zip file

For SBTengine® .NET 2.0 full version is required. This can be downloaded for free using the link below.

icon_download_product_largeDownload .NET 2.0 SP 2


Instructions for Use

Instruction for Use SBTengine®(CE)
Includes installation guide and brief manual


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