SBTengine® - SBT HLA typing software

Complete high-resolution HLA typing using Sanger Sequencing technology.

SBTengine is designed with you, the user, in mind and focuses on the crucial aspects of allele assignment. SBTengine provides a clear and comprehensive overview after analysis, the sequence electropherogram scales are adjustable and direct editing in the same screen is also possible. In most cases the complete process will take less than a few minutes per sample. 

More benefits

  • Fast and accurate allele assignment
  • Ease-of-use through uncluttered user interface
  • Fast, knowledgeable customer support
  • XML-based reports
  • New allele reporting
  • Reagent-independent
  • Automatic updates of software and libraries.
  • Suitable for DLA, KIR, MICA, MICB, CAJA, MAFA, MAMU and PATR.

Unique features

DART: Dynamic Ambiguity Resolving Tool

Resolve ambiguities easier and in less time.
After allele assignment ambiguities may remain.
DART will provide a solution how to solve the ambiguity.

: GSSP Prediction System.

Get to your high resolution results faster, cheaper and easier.
The GPS tool navigates the shortest route from a low-resolution typing into an unambiguous high resolution HLA typing.
GPS tool is an integrated part of SBTengine and comes at no additional cost.

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SBTengine® is only available as IVD in Europe (CE) and the USA (FDA).

How to order?

  • Our products are distributed worldwide either directly or by one of our HLA-specialized distributors.
    In those countries where a GenDx distributor is not yet appointed, SBTexcellerator®, SBTengine®, NGSengine®,NGSgo® and QIAGEN LongRange Polymerase will be distributed by GenDx directly.

  • For SBTengine® software you may contact your local GenDx HLA-specialized distributor or contact us directly.
    If you have any questions or need our assistance do not hesitate to contact us.
    Call +31 (0)30 252 3799 or E-mail


Available software versions

Standard and Premium versions of SBTengine® are available.

The standard version includes 1 year of updates & support and the premium version 5 years.
After these periods, additional update packages can be purchased.

SBTengine® is only available as IVD in Europe (CE) and the USA (FDA).



Software Status  Subscription Cat. No.
SBTengine®  IVD/RUO Standard (1 year) 4109930
SBTengine®  IVD/RUO Premium (5 years) 4109830
SBTengine®  IVD/RUO Standard extension (1 year) 4109730
SBTengine®  IVD/RUO Premium extension (5 years) 4109630


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