In the NGSengine case study webinar series, we are dealing with interesting cases of NGS HLA data. We aim for an interactive session while performing an in-depth analysis of the sample.

In this webinar Gabriela de Carvalho Fernandes PhD and Eline ter Steege MSc, Technical Support Specialists at GenDx, will focus on base-variation plots. They will use several cases to discuss what variations of plots you potentially can observe in NGSengine and what it tells you about the sample.

If you register you will receive data files in advance. We ask you to analyze the files and think about what you would report to the clinician. Before the webinar, we would like to receive your feedback by mail so we can address them in the live session (NGSengine trial license available on request).

We look forward to receiving your interpretation of the data!

Attend the webinar and receive 0.15 continuing education credits (CECs).

Deadline for the registration: 12 November