Reliable NGS-based HLA typing requires high-quality reads of sufficient length to resolve ambiguities. Short read sequencing has the advantage of being of high quality, however, it can sometimes hamper unambiguous HLA typing due to limited phasing. The quality of long read sequencing has tremendously improved over the past few years and enables phasing over longer distances.

In this webinar, Cheryl Heiner PhD, Principal scientist at Pacific Biosciences and Arnoud Schmitz BASc, Field Application Scientist at Pacific Biosciences will introduce the PacBio Sequel II System for long read sequencing. Next, Sake van Wageningen PhD, project manager R&D at GenDx, will show how generating long, high-quality reads contribute to full phasing, a constant depth of coverage and low noise levels, allowing for reliable HLA typing with limited ambiguities.

Attend the webinar and receive 0.15 continuing education credits (CECs)