In this webinar Bram Luiken B.ASc, Project Manager R&D and Sake van Wageningen PhD, Senior Scientist Molecular Diagnostics, will discuss current and upcoming methods to detect HLA loss using qPCR and NGS strategies.

They will explain the principles behind the use of the HLA-KMR qPCR kit for HLA-loss detection. Furthermore, they will show the setup of the kit, explain how you can combine this with your regular chimerism monitoring and walk you through the set up and analysis of HLA loss data in the KMRengine chimerism monitoring software. In addition, an outline is given of our HLA loss product in development for NGS. This product can be used to monitor HLA loss in parallel to our NGS chimerism product; NGStrack. First data obtained at a clinical lab with this prototype will be shared during the webinar.

Attend the webinar and receive 0.15 continuing education credits (CECs).