About the course

The course includes hands-on laboratory work of the complete NGS HLA workflow and data analysis. Moderate knowledge of HLA is recommended for course participants. The course is open to those interested in expanding their knowledge of high-resolution HLA tissue typing.

  • Theoretical knowledge of NGS for HLA
  • Hands-on training of multiplexed NGS HLA typing: One-Day-Workflow
  • Demonstrating multiple NGS platforms
  • Training on data analysis with NGSengine® through case studies
  • Send your own genomic DNA samples for typing (Anonymized samples and data only)

The tuition fee includes 3 hotel nights, drinks, refreshments, lunches, two dinners and all course materials. Travel costs to and from the location are not included and will be at the expense of the participant. You will receive an invoice upon registration, payable before the start of the course.
The course is ACHI accredited and participants receive 20 hours/3 continuing education credits (CECs).