Are you attending ASHI 2023 in San Antonio, USA? Join the GenDx Teaching session:

NGSengine masterclass & HLA typing innovations with NGS-turbo

About the course
Join our training to learn some advanced techniques in NGSengine as well our new software NGSengine-Turbo. The morning session we will focus on advanced data analysis and case studies using our NGSengine software. The afternoon session will focus on new sequencing technologies for HLA typing, including our new NGS-Turbo workflow and data analysis. NGS-Turbo is a High Resolution typing assay using Oxford Nanopore sequencing.

Program at a glance
Morning 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM
• NGSengine Tips & Tricks
• Interactive case study session
• GenDx new product developments

Afternoon 1:30 PM – 4:30 PM
• Theoretical background on new sequencing technologies: ONT, Pacbio and others
• Overview of NGS-Turbo
• Guest Speaker – NGS-Turbo experience
• Bioinformatics – long read sequencing developments
• Interactive case study session – NGS-Turbo

Register now!
Currently registrations are limited to GenDx customers only. There is no fee to attend the course, and we welcome anyone who is looking to enhance their knowledge of HLA typing by NGS to attend. You may register for the morning session only, afternoon session only, or both. Lunch will be provided, which all are welcome to join even if you sign up for 1 session.

ACHI accredited: 0.45/0.9 continuing education credits (CECs) or 3.0/ 6.0 contact hours