Which qPCR platforms can be used with KMRtype and KMRtrack reagents?

KMRengine is engineered to allow operators to choose with which machine they would like to use for their experiment.

The following instruments are currently compatible with KMRtype and KMRtrack Assays.

  • ABI ViiA7 v1.2.4
  • ABI 7500 Fast v2.0.6
  • ABI 7500 v1.3.1/1.4/2.0.2/2.0.6/2.3
  • QuantStudio 5, v1.2
  • QuantStudio 6, v1.2/1.3
  • QuantStudio 7, v1.2
  • QuantStudio 12K, v1.2
  • QuantStudio DX, v1.2
  • BioRad CFX 96, v1.6/3.0/3.1