User Group Meeting, ASHI 2020 Virtual Annual Meeting

Did you miss our User Group Meeting at the ASHI 2020 virtual annual meeting on Wednesday October 21, 2020? You can find the recording of the meeting below.

Virtual meeting & matching: new reality?
Update on multiplexed NGS & Chimerism monitoring and new insights on Epitope matching

Pascal van der Weele PhD
Project Manager R&D, GenDx
PresentationPerforming Chimerism monitoring by NGS

Sake van Wageningen PhD
Project Manager R&D, GenDx
Presentation: Multiplex amplification for fast and easy HLA typing

Prof.Dr. F.H.J. (Frans) Claas
Leiden University Medical Centre | LUMC · Department of Immunhematology and Blood Transfusion
Presentation: Transplantation of highly sensitized patients based on acceptable mismatches

User Group Meeting ASHI

User Group Meeting on Wednesday October 21, 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm

  • Professor Frans H.J. Claas, Leiden University Medical Center, Leiden will give a presentation about the acceptable mismatches in transplantation
  • Pascal van der Weele PhD, GenDx, will give an update about the GenDx solutions on NGSchimerism
  • Sake van Wageningen PhD, GenDx, will speak about the new multiplex NGSgo-MX11-3, available by GenDx

Excellence in sharing | EFI 2020 (postponed)

We would like to invite you to our satellite symposium about NGS typing for Transplantation Diagnostics and Chimerism Monitoring on Tuesday, April 28. The symposium features presentations by Wietse Mulder PhD (GenDx), Prof dr. Christian Seidl (German Red Cross – DRK Bloodbank), Xiangjun Liu PhD (Beijing Lab) and Maarten Penning PhD (GenDx).