Training School

At GenDx we believe in continuous education, complementing our products to make tissue typing better, faster and easier.

In order to improve skills and share tissue typing knowledge we offer several training opportunities in Sequencing-Based HLA Typing and Chimerism Monitoring through the GenDx Training School:

  • Teaching Sessions: 1-day training events just before the start of the two large Immunogenetics & Histocompatibility Conferences EFI in Europe and ASHI in USA;
  • Training Courses: comprehensive 2.5-day course including laboratory training at either our facility in Utrecht (NL) or at different locations in North America;
  • User Group Meetings: meetings in various locations to bring users together and share experiences and get updated on the latest developments in HLA Typing by NGS. The meeting can include hands-on laboratory work;
  • Webinars: short, informative sessions on a specific technique, reagents or software application as well as new product information and software features. 

See below for more information on these events and the next available opportunity.

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In addition, custom training is available on-site or via the web. Send us an email at to find out more.


Teaching Sessions

Start EFI or ASHI a little earlier and get trained on HLA Typing by Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) and Chimerism Monitoring by quantitative PCR at our ABHI-accredited Teaching Sessions.

It is also possible to walk in with your data* and get instant analysis support at the Walk-in Q&A.


HLA Typing made easy with NGS

Get trained on HLA Typing by NGS at our ABHI-accredited Teaching Session.

Morning and afternoon sessions can be booked separately.

Morning Session 

  • Workflows for HLA typing
  • NGS Platform comparison
  • Software for NGS data analysis
  • User shares experiences with implementation of NGS

 Afternoon Session

  • Advanced data analysis training
  • Data analysis tips & tricks
  • Case studies
  • Plenary lecture: Peculiar encounters in NGS data

The course is ABHI accredited and participants receive 5 hours/0.75 CECs (continuing education credits).

Conference Place Date & Time Sign up
EFI 2018 Venice, Italy 9 May, 8.30 am - 4.30 pm (CEST)  
ASHI 2018 Baltimore, MD, USA 1 Oct, 8.30 am- 3.30 pm (EDT)  



Highly sensitive Chimerism Monitoring by qPCR

Learn how to accurately monitor chimerism after transplantation in a recipient using quantitative PCR (qPCR). Due to high sensitivity of the technique, relapse can be detected at an earlier stage enabling physicians to act accordingly. 

The program includes the principles of chimerism monitoring using qPCR and training on data analysis utilising a software program especially developed as a laboratory and data management assistant. Users also share their experiences with chimerism monitoring by qPCR, including workflow and software.

The course is ABHI accredited and participants receive 2.5 hours/0.375 CECs (continuing education credits). 

Conference Place Date & Time Sign up
EFI 2018 Venice, Italy 9 May, 1.00 - 3.30 pm (CEST)  
ASHI 2018 Baltimore, MD, USA 1 Oct, 1.00 - 3.30 pm (EDT)  

Training Courses

Get hands-on training with our reagents and software in less than 3 days

This 2.5 day intensive training course teaches participants SBT from the basics up to advanced levels. It includes hands-on lab work (from DNA amplification to sequencing) and data analysis. Moderate knowledge of HLA is recommended for course participants. The course is open to those interested in expanding their knowledge of high resolution HLA tissue typing.

  • Hands-on experience with NGS-based HLA Typing
  • Practical laboratory “wet” training
  • Demonstrating multiple NGS platforms
  • Training on data analysis with NGSengine®
  • Send your own genomic DNA samples for typing*

*Anonymized samples and data only. You can anonymize data by changing the names of fastq-files.


The course is ABHI accredited and participants receive 20 hours/3 CECs of continuing education.

We advise you to register early as seats in this course are limited.

Date Place Sign up
28 - 30 November 2018 Dedham, MA, USA Fully booked*
20 - 22 February 2019 Utrecht, Netherlands Register

 *The registration will open soon for the course in Spring 2019.


Tuition fee for Utrecht, NL: 2.238,50 euro (incl. VAT)

The tuition fee includes 3 hotel nights, drinks, refreshments, lunches, two dinners and all course materials.
Travel costs to and from the location are not included and will be at the expense of the participant.
You will receive an invoice upon registration, payable before the start of the course.


Tuition fee for USA: 1500 USD (incl. VAT)

The tuition fee includes refreshments, three lunches, two dinners and all course materials. Hotel and travel costs to and from the location are not included and will be at the expense of the participant. You will receive an invoice upon registration, payable before the start of the course. 


User Group Meetings

Share experiences with peers and get updated on the latest developments

 These meetings are organized anywhere, the duration ranging from a few hours to several days. The highlights of a typical program are:

  • Guest speakers share experiences of daily practice
  • Round-the-table discussions
  • Challenging typing cases & trouble shooting 
  • Bring your own challenging NGS data*


A practical laboratory ''wet'' training in HLA typing by NGS is offered in some locations, which is indicated separately below.


*Anonymized data only by changing names of fastq-files. 

Date Place Lab training Sign up
5 September Freiburg, Germany    
2 October ASHI Annual Meeting (Baltimore, MD, USA)    
5-7 November Hema-Quebec in Montreal, Canada    




Get updated on Sequencing-Based HLA Typing and highly sensitive Chimerism Monitoring in 30 minutes

Our experts help you to discover the possibilities of the latest techniques for faster and improved results.
Do let us know if you prefer a particular topic for one of our next webinars. Email


Date Topic Register
 18 December 2018

An experimental workflow for full-length HLA genotyping using long-read nanopore sequences

with guest speakers Dr. Gerhard Schöfl & Dr. Vineeth Surendranath (DKMS Life Science Lab, Dresden, DE)

  12.00 CET (Amsterdam, NL) Register
  12.00 CST (Chicago, IL, USA) Register


Webinar vault

Date Topic Recording
20 Nov 2018

Automation of the NGS HLA workflow

with guest speaker Debby Krom (Sanquin, Amsterdam, NL)

view recording
18 Sept 2018

On-call HLA typing by qPCR

with guest speaker Dr Arnold van der Meer (Radboud UMC, Nijmegen, NL)

view recording
24 July 2018 Guide to fast and reliable NGS results view recording
3 July 2018 Peculiar encounters in NGS data view recording
5 June 2018 Highlights of the EFI Conference 2018 view recording
17 Apr 2018 Resolving Ambiguities with Sanger - Advanced Analysis in SBTengine view recording
27 Feb 2018 Chimerism Data Management Made Easy view recording
30 Jan 2018 NGS Beyond HLA - Typing MICA & MICB view recording
19 Dec 2017 NGSengine: Challenging Typing Cases view recording
14 Nov 2017 Disease-Linked NGS view recording
10 Oct 2017 Highlights of the ASHI Conference 2017 view recording
19 Sept 2017 Innovations Accelerating HLA Typing by NGS view recording
11 July 2017 Is MinION Ready for Routine NGS HLA Typing? view recording
20 June 2017 Highlights of the EFI Conference 2017 view recording
16 May 2017 Improved Sensitivity for Chimerism Monitoring view recording
11 Apr 2017 NGSengine - New & Advanced Features view recording
21 Feb 2017 NGS - Important Considerations view recording
24 Jan 2017 Challenging Typing Cases with Sanger view recording
13 Dec 2016 NGSengine - New & Advanced Features view recording
15 Nov 2016 HLA Disease Associations with NGS view recording
11 Oct 2016 Highlights of the ASHI Conference view recording
13 Sep 2016 Challenging typing cases with NGS view recording
28 Jun 2016 NGS platform comparison - Amplification is key view recording
26 Apr 2016 Chimerism by qPCR view recording
26 Nov 2015 HLA NGS Introduction Platforms, Principles & Strategies view recording
21 Oct 2015 GenDx webinar for AlleleSEQR users view recording
14 Jul 2015 Continuing innovation of Sanger SBT data analysis with SBTengine view recording
26 May 2015 Continuing High Quality HLA Typing by Sanger and Next-Generation Sequencing view recording

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Feedback from previous Training School participants:

One of my staff attended your workshop and they really enjoyed the hands on and the training on NGS typing. You are always distinguished company. I strongly recommend the workshop.
Ali Hajeer, National Guard Health Affairs (NGHA), Saudi Arabia

The content was clear and concise,
Jessica Gatulis, UMASS Memorial Medical Center, USA

Thank you for educating me with great information,
Hiroko Shike, Hershey Medical Center, USA

Best training workshop that I ever had,
Kai Cao, Cedars-Sinai Medical Centre HLA Lab, LA

Lots of valuable information in general. A very good day,
Alice van Oosterwijk, University Health Network Toronto, Canada

Courses are ABHI accredited

Upon completion, attendees receive a certificate and are eligible for Continuing Education Credits (CEC) from the American Board of Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics (ABHI).

Teaching Session on NGS:

  • 0.9 CECs/6 contact hours

Teaching Session on Chimerism:

  • 0.375 CECs/2.5 contact hours

Training Course:

  • 3 CECs/20 contact hours


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