GenDx develops and markets a comprehensive line of In Vitro Diagnostic (IVD) tests and services, analysis software and education. The company is a pioneer in the area of Sequencing-Based Typing (SBT) for transplantation offering high resolution HLA typing methods for Sanger and NGS techniques.



Wietse Mulder (CEO), Erik Rozemuller (Senior Scientist Bioinformatics), Oscar Schoots (Director Utrecht Holdings) and Raoul Linschoten (Investment Manager Utrecht Holdings) founded GenDx in 2005. Today, GenDx is one of the largest global players in HLA typing represented by more than 60 employees.

GenDx founders

GenDx has long-standing strategic alliances with renowned business partners, providing access to a large global customer base. GenDx is a privately owned, independent company with experienced management and a close-knit team of dedicated employees.

Nowadays GenDx supports HLA typing laboratories with the newest technologies and optimized workflows for HLA typing and chimerism monitoring. We offer a unique pre-transplant approach for Sanger-based strategies, Next-Generation Sequencing approaches and Chimerism monitoring after transplantation.



In May 2019, Ampersand Capital Partners completed a minority, growth equity investment in GenDx. In connection with this transaction, David Parker has joined the GenDx Company Board along with Ampersand Operating Partner Mike Evans, PhD. They join three founders on the GenDx Board: Dr. Mulder, Raoul Linschoten, LLM (Chairman), and Oscar Schoots, PhD. The board will be supported by non-director advisors Larry McCarthy, PhD and Frank Witney, PhD., both seasoned entrepreneurs and executives who serve as Operating Partners at Ampersand.

GenDx is built on four pillars

  • Company. GenDx is a science-based enterprise, specializing in molecular diagnostics for transplantation and personalized health care.
  • Business. We develop and market innovative, reliable molecular tests, laboratory services and education.
  • Customers. GenDx offers world-class support by stimulating customer feedback and putting great emphasis on education in our renowned HLA SBT Training School.
  • Employees. GenDx people are team players, showing initiative and responsibility.


GenDx values

  • We are a leader in molecular diagnostics, combining scientific innovation with reliability.
  • We are a responsible company, understanding the needs of our customers and their patients.
  • Our customers come first, actively supporting them to better achieve their goals.
  • We value our employees, supporting their development and job satisfaction.
  • We are an independent organisation, with respect for our business partners.

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Management Team

The GenDx management team consisting of Wietse Mulder (CEO), Maarten Penning (CTO), Boudewijn Erasmus (CMO) and Roelien Brommersma (CHO) lead the diverse and dynamic GenDx team. Bringing all knowledge and skills together to become a group of experts to drive innovation and outperforming solutions within the field of molecular transplant diagnostics.






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Quality Certification

GenDx has implemented the ISO 13485:2016 quality system with its focus on ensuring delivery at a consistent level of quality to its customers by having well defined and regularly reviewed processes and procedures. Besides this, Several of the GenDx HLA typing products are CE-marked IVDs.

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