In this blog, we follow the journey of our colleague Henk van Laar, to reach the summit of the Mont Ventoux in June 2022. He will be joining the Give&Live cycling club, which is a group of cyclists that are either organ- or stem cell recipient, donor, or working in the field of transplantation. GenDx sponsors the event, and Henk is the lucky GenDx representatives to support the Give&Live cycling club on their way to the top of the mountain. 

June 21, 2022

Unfortunately, Stefan will not be able to join the trip to France. Nevertheless, Henk will still continue his journey to the summit of the Mont Ventoux, together with Give&Live.

Tecklenburg, Germany (May 29, 2022)
To rise 80 meters in 1 kilometer, slope up to 12%, you first have to go drive about 60 km into Germany to reach Tecklenburg, an old half-timbered town. In a beautiful hilly area, meadows, forests, farmland and rock formations of ancient sandstone alternate. Sunday morning at 10 o’clock, in little drizzling rain, everyone got ready to ride the lap together. There were hardly any flat parts, but we managed to stay together until Tecklenburg.

At kilometer 14, in one move, 80 meters up with hairpin bends, a thrill for some and a swallow for others (“am I going to make it or am I going to stop”), a real test for the ascend of the Ventoux Mountain. People help each other to the top, a push, a technical instruction, encouragement, or helping to place again the chain after a gear error.

Nijverdal’s Mooiste (June 11, 2022)
It was beautiful weather for cycling! Also higher temperatures, which we can use well in training, since it will be warmer in France.
Relaxed location. As always, catching up and making new contacts, because except for the hard core, the composition of the group differs sometimes. Also, because people come from almost all parts of the Netherlands, the distance to be cycled is less of a problem than to travel.

12 cyclists for the 70 km and 12 cyclists for the 51 km tour is a good distribution. The main thing is to keep everything intact ( bike and body ) which unfortunately not everyone succeeded in… There are some cancellations due to injuries or defective bikes, and there is a replacement bike. Soon, a few short, steep climbs are taken, and everyone immediately realizes that things are getting serious! In the end, the intensity of the whole trip was not too bad. We also made a few stops, not that it was really necessary, at least, a flock of sheep on the cycle path, which certainly undermines the average speed…

Cycling over the crest of the Holterberg gives beautiful views on both sides of the hill. At times like these, it is not necessary to go so fast, but if we speed up on the flat parts, it is nice if you are used to riding at 30 km / hour, at least if you want to enjoy the surroundings. A beautiful and varied tour!

A sophisticated and extensive lunch was waiting for us, the right fast and slow carbohydrates were ready with good drinks and even yogurt and fruit. Even the delicious apple cream rolls from the bakery were there again, and they went down just as well as we had cycled. Making final arrangements and looking to the future, what to do after France. Give&Live, but nothing goes without saying! A lot will have to be arranged to keep it running and riding.

On to the Mont Ventoux!