Happy New Year!
Three words that may sound more relieving than ever before. This year may gradually bring the freedom we were used to before the pandemic affected our lives. The battle against COVID-19 is ongoing, but the approved vaccines provide us a bright spot on the horizon. Time for a new chapter!

Before we close the book, we would like to thank you for your trust and collaboration, especially in an unprecedented year like 2020. We are thankful that in a year in which we were all confronted with challenges, or were affected personally, we still found ways to work together and stay connected.

Going back to normal
2021 is a year for new hope and optimism. We are hopeful that this year will bring back our ‘normal’ lives, while taking into account the lessons learned last year. Online education, remote demonstrations, webinars and digital congress participation have boosted our online presence and contact with you and other customers. Nevertheless, we would love to travel again and visit your lab, give on-site demonstrations and meet each other in person during conferences. In any case, we will continue to deliver you fast and quick service and support.

Improved approaches
This year we anticipate to bring you new developments and products. Next to the continuous improvement of our multiplexed amplification NGS HLA typing products, we are eager to share new products for NGS chimerism monitoring and blood group typing. Our custom lab service will be expanded, offering our extensive HLA knowledge to you for specific or challenging typing projects. And, since we are continuously looking for new business and partnerships, we are expecting more exciting things to happen in 2021.

We are looking forward to increase the number of educational activities, webinars, training courses and demonstrations, for which we are building a professional recording studio. Excellent customer support will remain one of our top priorities, supporting you no matter how difficult the question or challenging the case.

Together with you, we are starting this new year with confidence and great expectations and we are looking forward to continue our close collaboration to advance the field of transplantation.

Wietse Mulder PhD