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We offer you a free one-user license of NGSengine in addition to your current SBTengine software with the same expiration date.

Sign up now for a complimentary NGSengine license and start using it without limitations. If your NGS validation is completed and you choose to continue, simply switch your remaining SBTengine licenses to NGSengine without further cost.




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NGSengine is for Research Use Only, not for diagnostic purposes



Currently your HLA lab is using SBTengine and you have 5 premium licenses. After signing up you will get a NGSengine license for free and start using it as much as you like. 

In case you are ready to switch from Sanger to NGS, contact our support team and they can reverse your licenses to 1 SBTengine license as backup and 5 premium NGSengine licenses with the same expiration date.


NGSgo® Full Workflow

We support a full workflow for NGS-based HLA typing








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