Donor Registry
HLA Typing

When you are performing high-throughput HLA typing for
a donor registry and a medium resolution result is sufficient.


Hematopoietic Stem Cell
HLA Typing

If you want high resolution trusted results without ambiguities for your hematopoietics stem cell HLA typing, either SBT or NGS.


Solid Organ
HLA Typing

If you are under pressure to get reliable results as fast a possible for solid organ transplantations with unsurpassed accuracy.


Personalised Diagnostics

When you are typing for HLA B27, celiac and other diseases or looking to outsource or find a custom typing solution.


NGSgo® Full Workflow

We support a full workflow for NGS-based HLA typing

  • HLA locus amplification
  • CE-marked NGSgo-AmpX kits
  • Library preparation 
  • Data analysis








Discover our Full Workflow

NGSgo®  workflow PacBio

Now you can amplify highly polymorphic HLA genes with confidence and analyse both alleles using the SMRT® DNA Sequencing technology 







NGSgo PacBio workflow


Get hands-on experience

We can help you get started with NGS-based HLA typing in our Training School.

Get practical laboratory training on the Illumina MiSeq and Ion Torrent PGM platforms.

You can even bring your own DNA!





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Find out more about our Sanger and NGS SBT HLA typing reagents and Software









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