New product: NGSgo-IndX plates to simplify your workflow

For manual pipetting and automated workflows compatible with Illumina


We proudly introduce the NGSgo®-IndX plate designed for Illumina platforms with the familiar dual indices now as single reaction volumes in a 96-well plate.

Remarkable characteristics: 

  • Indices are dried to prevent evaporation
  • Oligo pellets are colored for quick verification of their presence
  • The plate format allows flexible sample sizes for your NGS workflow
  • Frequent barcode rotation by specific distribution of indexes as required by EFI standards
  • Minimized risk of pipetting errors with manual dispensing complex index combinations.

You can combine the 4 available plates for processing of 384 samples in a single run. Just order plates separately or in the desired combination.

Available configurations of NGSgo-IndX plates*:

  • NGSgo®-IndX plate I – 96 reactions
  • NGSgo®-IndX plate II – 96 reactions
  • NGSgo®-IndX plate III – 96 reactions
  • NGSgo®-IndX plate IV – 96 reactions
  • NGSgo®-IndX plate 384 – 4x96 reactions

RUO (Research use only) product

For more information on applying NGSgo-IndX plate in your workflow, contact our Technical Support Team by clicking here.

To order NGSgo-IndX plate, click here.


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