NGSgo® Full Workflow

We support a full workflow for NGS-based HLA typing

  • HLA locus amplification
  • CE-marked NGSgo-AmpX kits
  • Library preparation 
  • Data analysis








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NGSgo®  workflow Ion Torrent

With NGSgo® we offer a full workflow for the Ion Torrent PGM Platform, from amplification, library preparation to data analysis. 






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You are looking for the best in the market of high resolution HLA typing?
Find out more about our Sanger and NGS SBT HLA typing reagents and Software









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High-throughput Sanger SBT HLA typing reagents.

  • 96- well plate format
  • Dye in primer plate
  • Various DNA sources - including buccal swabs
  • HLA-A, -B, -C, DQB1 and DRB1 available
  • Compatible with SBTengine®

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