MICA and MICB typing by Next-Generation Sequencing


Now available: Whole-gene amplification for typing of MHC Class I chain-related genes A (MICA) and B (MICB) by next-generation sequencing. As suggested by several scientific publications, matching MIC genes may be beneficial for the outcome of hematopoietic stem cell transplantation.

NGSgo®-AmpX MICA, MICB includes amplification primers for both genes, as well as a mastermix enzyme that can amplify the long ~13kb MIC genes in a short amount of time. The product is compatible with the well-established NGSgo workflow for HLA typing, meaning both HLA and MIC genes can be pooled in one library preparation and sequencing run. The advanced software package NGSengine®, renowned for HLA typing, includes a special module for MICA and MICB typing. Therefore MICA and MICB typing can be performed with the same ease and reliability as HLA typing.


  • Fast whole-gene amplification of MICA and MICB
  • Compatible with NGSgo workflow
  • Analysis in NGSengine


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