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GenDx HLA Training School 11-13 June 2014

Featuring Next Generation Sequencing Strategies


The next GenDx HLA Training School will take place from Wednesday 11th June to Friday 13th June 2014 in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Get hands-on experience in sequencing-based HLA typing with Next Generation Sequencing.

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Teaching Session Just Before EFI 2014 

GenDx HLA Teaching Session | Sanger and Next Generation Sequencing | Wednesday June 25th | Stockholm | Sweden  

  • Teaching session on sequencing-based HLA typing
  • Sanger workflow
  • NGS workflow on Illumina MiSeq and IonTorrent PGM
  • Hands-on training with our SBTengine® and NGSengine® software
  • Free of charge, registration required 


More information

SBTengine® Version 3.3.0 Now Available

Celebrating SBTengine’s 10 year anniversary we now release version 3.3.0.

Trusted by many HLA typing laboratories we will continue to improve our software to make sure it meets your needs.


Improvements and changes include:

  • New IMGT/HLA release 3.15.0
  • Detailed Sequence colour coded quality values are shown in [Sample Management] window.
  • DART® solutions, suggesting GSSP/ARP/MSP for ambiguity resolving can now also be shown in table format
  • Yellow highlighter in [Sequence Overview] - to mark the editing position- can be turned off/on in [Preferences]/[General]
  • Faster position checking by jumping to unchecked positions only
  • Easy analysis of HLA-C exon 6-7 ‘read throughs’ for multiple reagent strategies

If you are new to SBTengine feel free to visit the SBTengine product page or request a free trial


 NGSengine® Version 1.3.0 Now Available

NGSengine® is a platform independent software intended for the high-resolution identification of alleles of the HLA loci by means of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS).


New features in Release version 1.3.0. include:

  • Easy toggling between genomic and coding sequence view
  • IMGT/HLA library 3.15.0
  • Position numbering corresponds to IMGT genomic numbering
  • Improved statistics overview
  • Improved speed of analysis
  • Faster navigating in sample viewer



How to use the coding sequence view

At the bottom of the overview screen you are able to choose either the coding view or genomic view. The coding view will show you only the coding regions, exons, the difference is shown in the picture on the right. The introns are hidden but not excluded from the analysis.


If you are new to NGSengine® feel free to visit the NGSengine® product page or request a free trial




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