Marina Kalli PhD

RA Officer

Marina did her MSc studies at Wageningen University at the Molecular Nutrition and Toxicology Department specializing in Immunology and Allergen Immunotherapy. After completing her studies, she moved to the UK at the School of Pharmacy at Nottingham University to pursue a PhD in Clinical Immunology and Cell Biology. There, the scope of her project was the development of an in-vitro diagnostic medical device to diagnose allergic diseases. Thereafter, by the end of 2019, after being awarded a Marie Skłodowska-Curie grant, she worked for four months as a biological safety assessor at a medical devices’ development company in Enschede in collaboration with Twente University. From the role of QA/RA Associate at GenDx, her goal is to combine her scientific knowledge along with her interest to translate research into real-life clinical applications to support the development and access to the company’s high-quality products.