Kim Valk MSc

Software Developer Bioinformatics

Kim enjoyed a Bachelors in chemistry and a Masters in Molecular & Cellular Life Sciences at Utrecht University. He started off his masters with a nine-month internship at the developmental biology group validating a novel protein-protein interaction assay in C. elegans. He soon discovered his ambitions did not lie within ‘wet lab’ research and chose the Bioinformatics profile Utrecht University provides. After finding his passion in bioinformatics, Kim enjoyed a six-month internship at GenDx as a software developer bioinformatics. Here, he determined to which extent the homology between the DRB genes influences the typing by NGSengine. After a successful internship, he became a full member of the software team in March 2021. Now, he combines his knowledge of biology and bioinformatics to to bridge the gap between reagents and software within GenDx. At GenDx he is able to collaborate with people from multiple teams within GenDx to convey his passion for bioinformatics solutions.