Kasia Szewczyk CHS

Technical Application Specialist | North America

Kasia studied Biology at the University of Illinois at Chicago in Illinois, USA. In 2011, she joined the field of Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics working as a technologist at Gift of Hope in Itasca, IL and later at Mayo Clinic in Phoenix, AZ. During this time, she became an expert in several techniques, including molecular HLA typing, crossmatching, antibody screening and identification, post-transplant monitoring, and infectious disease testing. In 2013, she was first introduced to GenDx when she attended the NGS Teaching Session at the annual ASHI Meeting in Chicago. This experience sparked her interest in new and emerging technologies in the field. In 2017, Kasia joined GenDx as a Technical Application Specialist. She is responsible for providing education, support, and training for our customers. She is excited to be a part of this advancing field while working with a team of sequencing experts.