Daniel Álvarez MSc

Software Developer Bioinformatics

Daniel studied Biology in the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. He specialized in Medical Biology, for which he completed a research fellowship in the Immunology Department of Hospital Gregorio Marañón. There, he identified SNPs with impact in rare auto-immune diseases, and became passionate about sequencing techniques and how they can be applied in medical settings. In 2018, Daniel moved to Amsterdam to study a masters in Bioinformatics and Systems Biology at the VU Amsterdam and UvA. He achieved it by completing two research projects as an intern at  GenDx’s Software Team. Following up his interest in immunogenetics, the projects focused on new analysis techniques for genotyping of KIR genes and HLA haplotype analysis. Afterwards, he joined the Software Team, with a special focus on keeping updated on research done in the HLA and transplantation fields.