Sanger sequencing based HLA typing.

For over a decade we develop and provide the tools you need for HLA typing based on Sanger sequencing, including reagents, analysis software, services, and education.

Below you will find our complete portfolio of reagents and software for Sanger sequencing.


Optimised reagents for Sanger Sequencing-Based Typing (SBT)







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LongRange PCR kits

The GenDx-LongRange PCR kits are optimally compatible with our amplification strategies.

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AlleleSEQR products are now available as CE-marked IVDs for your diagnostics.


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Accurate analysis of HLA loci using Sanger sequencing technology for complete high-resolution typing.






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Laboratory Services

Looking to outsource your HLA typing work, or need advice with setting up your own facility?


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HLA Training School

Want to stay updated and refresh your knowledge on HLA, SBT and NGS workflow and data analysis?

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