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HLA Sequencing product purification using Sephadex

The procedure shown below uses the Sephadex size-exclusion method for clean-up of HLA sequencing products.
Sequencing products are purified over a Sephadex column to remove unincorporated sequence primers and free nucleotides.

As an alternative to clean-up using sephadex, other equivalent size-exclusion methods (e.g. Qiagen DyeEx Kits) or ethanol precipitation of sequencing products can be used.

Purification of HLA sequencing products might be considered as one of the most critical steps in the whole procedure to get to an unambiguous HLA typing.

Here we present two video tutorials showing you the whole procedure how we clean-up HLA Sequencing products at GenDx.

Part 1 - preparing the Sephadex plate

Sephadex tutorial part 1 of 2 showing you how to prepare a 96 well filter plate with sephadex columns needed to purify HLA Sequencing reactions

Sephadex tutorial 1 of 2

Part 2 - purification of Seq reactions

Sephadex tutorial part 2 of 2 showing you how to purify HLA sequencing reactions using a 96 well filterplate filled with Sephadex

Sephadex tutorial 2 of 2

Instructions for use

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