Simplify HLA sequencing by automated sample preparation on  TECAN Freedom EVO NGS workstation

A high-resolution dataset of HLA typing is ideal for compatibility testing. NGS technology provides high-resolution answers in high-throughput HLA typing.

The Automation of the NGSgo workflow on the TECAN Freedom EVO NGS workstation helps to minimize the risk of cross-contamination and increases the reproducibility of HLA typing library preparation for 48 samples with a possible extension for up to 96 samples.

The platform uses advanced air displacement pipetting technology, enabling precise eight-channel pipetting. It also includes three INHECO CPAC thermal devices, INHECO Thermoshake heated shaker, a 96-position magnetic plate separator and a Robotic Manipulator Arm. In addition, the compact worktable offers storage space for up to 12 tip boxes, allowing longer unattended runs.

User-friendly TouchTools™ interface guides the operator through instrument set-up and library preparation, reducing operator-to-operator variability for highly reproducible sequencing-ready libraries.

Automated steps include amplicon pooling, fragmentation and adapter ligation, bead clean-ups and size selection, indexing PCR setup and library pooling. The quantification, normalization and indexing PCR is performed in an offline thermocycler.   

The workflow can be fully automated by integrating a Tecan microplate reader and an on-deck thermocycler. These would allow for automated amplicon-quantification, normalization and indexing PCR cycling, significantly increasing walk-away time.


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