Discover our One-Day-Workflow

We are continuously striving to improve our NGSgo® workflow, both in terms of robustness and speed while maintaining the highly reliable results you are used to.

To make the workflow faster we have modified several steps from amplification to data analysis.

With the One-Day-Workflow, we hope to offer great improvements in turnaround times for HLA labs around the world.



Timeline of the workflow including sequencing and analysis*



*indicative calculated timeline for a MiSeq Nano flow cell, 10 multiplex samples




Get your NGS HLA typing results faster by using our newly developed multiplexed amplification NGSgo®-MX6-1. One amplification, 6 loci. Think of all the time you will save!


1 PCR 6 loci



amplification strategy




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Ready-to-go mastermix for amplification containing polymerase, dNTPs and buffer all-in-one tube.

You do not even need to include X-solution for DQB1. Amplification has never been easier!

GenDx-LongMix is included in NGSgo®-MX6-1 and will be also available soon as an independent product.




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NGSgo®-IndX Plates

The 96-well plate provides a ready-to-use format for indexing, making your workflow easier and faster,

while eliminating the risk of pipetting incorrect index combinations. NGSgo-IndX plates are suitable for both manual and automated workflows, and supports barcoding of up to 384 samples.




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Based on your needs and the resources already available in your lab, our NGSgo workflow can be automated at almost any step, offering you a perfectly customized automated workflow. 

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Save time on data analysis! Start your sequencer at the end of the day, and NGSignition will facilitate your data analysis automatically so you can have your data fully analyzed the next morning.




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** For Research Use Only (RUO). Not for use in diagnostic procedures. No claim or representation is intended to provide information for the diagnosis, prevention, or treatment of a disease.

If you have any questions about our One-Day-Workflow or need our assistance call +31 (0)30 252 3799 (NL) or +1(312)815 5006 (USA) or e-mail