Microlab STAR M - The foundation of precision and reliability

The new and upgraded STAR M combines all of Hamilton’s superior and patented technologies in the most flexible and reliable liquid handling workstation, which automatically makes optimal use of all resources

The completely flexible design offers unlimited expandability from the addition of single pipetting tools to doubling the workspace when enhancing a STARlet M to STARplus M. Adding the second arm to a STAR M enables parallel sample processing. The option of 3rd party integrations on either side guarantees the maximum degree of flexibility to quickly adapt to new laboratory needs. 
Take advantage of Hamilton’s unique CO-RE® technology, that ensures and verifies correct, force-free tip pick-up and ejection. Extend your STAR M’s capabilities by choosing from the many available CO-RE add-ons like the CO-RE Grippers for handling labware and tips on deck.

The STAR M grows with your needs, because it's designed from the ground up to not only adapt lightly to new applications but offers a design that can be completely upgraded in your lab. Thanks to the "easy-to-change" layout, you have the flexibility to configure the deck tailored specifically for your assays.

With multiple options for labware transportation, the STAR M always offers the best solution for your automation needs. Reducing complexity, most labware transportation can be done by the pipetting channels. 

Increase your efficiency avoiding attended runs thanks to Hamilton’s extensive security features that guarantee a robot that monitors itself and can prove how results are reliably delivered. 

VENUS software provides basic or advanced programming, offering flexible assay setup without compromising your requirements.  Intuitive editors provide full control over every aspect of your method. VENUS is designed to be easy as you need, yet powerful enough to provide the flexibility to set up assays exactly the way you want them automated.

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