Automated GenDx NGSgo library prep on Beckman Coulter Biomek 4000

The Biomek 4000 liquid handler is an ideal platform for providing standardized, automated NGS sample prep for HLA labs with low-to-medium throughput needs. Biomek hardware and software enable the flexibility to vary parameters such as a number of samples per run and support data-driven, run-time decisions. In addition, the modular design of Biomek methods provides scheduling flexibility—with stop points defined by reagent kit protocols. Labs around the world currently use solutions built on the Biomek 4000 platform to help them improve efficiency and productivity while reducing hands-on time and user errors.

Automation of the NGSgo® workflow on Biomek 4000 allows for improved efficiency and reproducibility. This method is designed with optimized techniques to achieve accurate and reproducible results with optimized yield. Moreover, the automation of the NGSgo workflow on Biomek 4000 will reduce the risk of errors and decrease hands-on time. The method is built with Method Options Selector and Guided Labware Setup, which provide interactive and user-friendly instructions for quick deck setup and reagent volumes required for that run. The method allows for full walk-away library preparation capability, efficient tip usage and requires a minimal amount of consumables.

The NGSgo workflow on the Biomek 4000 has been implemented in several labs worldwide. We are happy to assist you further in the automation of the protocol.


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